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Endometriosis, Damiano De Maneskin shares his Georgia battle

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Maneskin’s Damiano David embarks on a new world tour and shares his girlfriend Giorgia Soleri’s battle with endometriosis. declares the frontman of “the biggest rock band in years” (he called it “Variety”). “Emergency! “World Tourism”A world tour, starting in September, will see the group For the first time Hit international music temples like New York’s Madison Square Garden and perform at venues in Japan, Canada and the United States. The band will then return to South America, this time in the biggest arenas and stadiums, and debut in Australia. Currently Victoria, Damian, Thomas and Ethan Crossing Europe”Loud Kids Tour“, their first arena tour with over 30 sold-out shows. In Italy, Maneskin has five event dates scheduled this summer: 16 July in Trieste, 20 and 21 July in Rome and 24 and 25 July in Milan. Next stops on the “Loud Kids Tour” – which are already sold out – include Florence on March 20 and 21, Rome on March 24 and 25, Naples on March 28 and 29 and Bari on March 31.

Maneskin’s “Rush! World Tours”

Despite his musical commitments, Damiano, along with his girlfriend Giorgia Soleri, was confirmed “in a battle between chronic pain and diagnostic delay, vulvodynia, pelvic hypertonicity, endometriosis and adenomyosis”.

Georgia Soleri
Giorgia Soleri with her “Endobelli”.

Specifically, this time Soleri focuses on endometriosis, remembering that it’s March Endometriosis Awareness. The activist, now in Beijing Express 2023 alongside her friend Federica Fabrizio, aka Federippi (second episode on Sky on March 16), explains what endometriosis is, symptoms and treatments with a long post on her Instagram profile. Useful general information for people like you who suffer from this disease. “I got my endometriosis diagnosis in March 2021, which always makes me laugh a little bit (in fear) because March is Endometriosis Awareness” writes the girlfriend of Maneskin Damiano David. And he adds: “Therefore I thought at that time to collect some information that I would like to know, that I could pass on to anyone who asked us. ‘Endo-che????’ A must read for those who say we have an illness or want to report it”.

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Giorgia Soleri's post about endometriosis
Giorgia Soleri’s post about endometriosis

According to Soleri, in fact, “creating awareness is important because although rare but a rare disease, Detection delay averages 7-10, that’s what we exaggerate, it’s all in our heads, we’re told we need some attention”. why”To create awareness This is important – he continues – because if by sharing this nightmare can be avoided even for one person, this work will be meaningful. According to the model and influencer, creating awareness requires people who are willing to act as a link between one hand and the other, even when they are not affected and no one close to them is affected. Especially when they don’t know what it is. It doesn’t take much time and energy to share a post, but it can change lives for some people who don’t yet have a diagnosis. Don’t leave us alone”.

Georgia Soleri's Instagram Story Remembering Getting an Endometriosis Diagnosis in March 2021
Georgia Soleri’s Instagram Story Remembering Getting an Endometriosis Diagnosis in March 2021

What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis is Presence of endometrium, a mucous membrane that usually lines the uterine cavity exclusively, is outside the uterus and can affect a woman already in her first period (menstruation) and accompany her until menopause. In simple words – those used by Soleri – “It is one Chronic inflammatory disease Characterized by endometrial-like tissue that expands to form adhesions, cysts, and ulcers”. Well-known locations Ovaries, tubes, peritoneum, intestines “But it can also be detected in other areas such as the diaphragm, lungs and brain”. Symptoms are highly variable and usually result from localization or location. But the most common – as Soleri remembers – pain, even paralysis, during menstruation and generally at different stages of the menstrual cycle (for example during ovulation); Bleeding periods; Hip Pain; Pain during intercourse; Pain during bowel movement and/or defecation; Pain while urinating.

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Definition of Endometriosis (Wikipedia)
Definition of Endometriosis (Wikipedia)

According to the data of Ministry of HealthUpdated March 1, 10-15% of women of reproductive age in Italy suffer from endometriosis, a pathology affecting 30-50% of infertile women or those who have difficulty conceiving. and fewer women with a full range of diagnoses 3 million. The peak occurs between the ages of 25 and 35, but the disease also appears in younger age groups. The diagnosis often comes after a long and expensive journey, often lived Serious psychological effects For the girl.
At this time There are no definitive treatments, Soleri recalled. Available treatments are aimed at reducing painful symptoms, limiting damage to affected organs where possible and as much as possible, and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The most common are hormone therapy (progestogen or estrogen-progestogen), induced amenorrhea, induced menstruation, surgery, and pain management.

Maneskin, Giorgia on the Florentine leg of the tour?

Urgent!  World Tourism
“Rush! World Tour by Maneskin

Get off the reality show’Beijing Express‘ , Giorgia Soleri will probably take part in the first Tuscan date of the band led by her boyfriend Damiano. A concert that promises to be a huge success. Sold for Maneskin at the Mandela Forum in Fitrens – Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 March – with Loud Kids Tour, 2022 sees them headline 32 concerts in Europe’s biggest arenas after sold out Mexico, Canada, North America and South America.
This second part of the tour has already collected 29 sold-out dates, including the Florentine shows. return Victoria, Damian, Thomas and Ethan Coming after the release of the new album Urgent! It was released on January 20 and peaked at #1 in 15 countries and #5 in 20 countries. During the two-hour show, the band will perform live, but not limited to, songs from the new album.

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