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Tennis, King Cup: Italy vs Canada in Glasgow

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Blues in Autumn in the Fields in Glasgow. Bencic and Fernandez risks looming but captain Corbin remains optimistic: “National team jersey is a boost”

The groups for the Billie Jean King Cup Final have been drawn, with Tatiana Corbin captaining the Blues at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow from 8-13 November. In the preliminary round last April in Alghero, the national team consisting of Camila Giorgi, Jasmin Paulini, Martina Trevisan, Lucia Bronzetti and Elisabetta Cosciaretto beat France (represented by Cornet, Dodin, Dan and Mladenovic) 3-1. to the decisive stage of the group competition.


The 12 countries participating in the finals have been drawn into four groups of three teams, with the winners from each group advancing to the semi-finals. The BJK Cup finals will be held in fast indoor and along with Italy, in Group A, the national teams of Switzerland and Canada are balanced, with Olympic gold medalist Belinda Bencic and the US in the final respectively. Let Lela Fernandez reps open more insidiously.


Tatiana Corbin was optimistic at the time of the draw, despite the rather complicated group: “It’s a tough group. Switzerland can count on Bencic and Teichmann who are in really good form”, admitted the home coach Italy. “On the other hand, Canada has Fernandez and Andreescu, although it remains to be seen who will actually play. Anyway, I’m sure my girls in the national team can find more resources. They can’t always find it when they play tournaments.”


As for the rest of the groups, national teams Australia, Slovakia and Belgium were placed in Group B. In Group C, on the other hand, we find Spain, Kazakhstan and Great Britain. Finally, Group D is fronted by Czech Republic, USA and Poland. In the semi-finals, the winner of Group A, where Italy is located, will face the winner of Group D, while the winner of Group B will face the winner of Group C.

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