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Ceteroza’s opponents in the group. Favorite Hungary, Tough Canada – OA Games

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The Women’s Water Polo World Championships will be held in four cities in Hungary from June 20 to July 2.. TheL Setarosa of Carlo Silipo Inserted in Group aWill be played on Budapest: Blue will challenge Canada on June 20, Hungary on June 22 and Colombia on June 24.

Form is Men and women are the same: After First group level The winners of each team will qualify directly Quarter finalAt the same time The The runner-up and third party meet in the 16th round (or play-off). Qualifiers from Group A will overtake Group B, while those in Group C will challenge Group D.

After the European finals of the World League, the World Cup will be the first major event Italy’s CD for Carlo Silipo: Blue will immediately face Canada in a way Derby with Stefano Posterivo, a technical assistant to North Americans.

It’s an instant Basic fitSo long Won the Canadians This means getting a better place in the group and then taking one into account Possible defeat against the group’s preferred McGregor women, Finally one Possible victory against the South Americans.

Will arrive Not the second and third in the group It means having one The eighth is the most affordable, with the exception of one between the Netherlands and the United States And then more a Any quarter is hard on paper Compared to other possible shortcuts, probably the opposite Australia.

Budapest World Cup – Women’s Tournament

Group A (Budapest): ItalyHungary, Canada, Colombia.

Group B (Depression): USA, Netherlands, South Africa, Argentina.

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Group C (in Sobron): Brazil, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Australia.

Group D (in Szeged): Thailand, France, Greece, Spain.

Match Day 1 (June 20)

Group A (Budapest)

Canada-Italy (7.30pm)

Hungary-Colombia (9pm)

Group B (Depression)

South Africa-United States (6 pm)

Holland-Argentina (7.30pm)

Group C (in Soprano)

New Zealand-Brazil (6pm)

Kazakhstan-Australia (7:30 pm)

Group D (in Szeged)

Greece-Thailand (6 pm)

France-Spain (7.30pm)

Match Day 2 (June 22)

Group A (Budapest)

Colombia-Canada (7.30pm)

Italy-Hungary (9pm)

Group B (Depression)

Argentina-South Africa (6pm)

United States-Netherlands (7:30 pm)

Group C (in Soprano)

Australia-New Zealand (6pm)

Brazil-Kazakhstan (7.30pm)

Group D (in Szeged)

Spain-Greece (6pm)

Thailand-France (7.30pm)

Match Day 3 (June 24)

Group A (Budapest)

Italy-Colombia (7:30 pm)

Hungary-Canada (9pm)

Group B (Depression)

United States-Colombia (6 pm)

Holland-South Africa (7.30pm)

Group C (in Soprano)

Brazil-Australia (6pm)

Kazakhstan-New Zealand (7.30pm)

Group D (in Szeged)

Thailand-Spain (6pm)

France-Greece (7.30pm)

16th Round (June 26, Budapest)

2nd Group A-3rd Group B (Afternoon 2, Game 27)

3rd Group A-2nd Group B (15:30, Race 28)

2nd Group C-3rd Group D (5pm, Race 29)

3rd Group C-2nd Group D (6:30 pm, Race 30)

Quarterfinals (June 28, Budapest)

1st Group A – Winning Race 29 (1.00 pm, Race 35)

1st Group B – Winning Race 30 (4pm, Race 36)

1st Group C – Winning Race 27 (Night 7:30, Race 37)

1st Group D-Winning Race 28 (9pm, Race 38)

Semi-finals (June 30, in Budapest)

Winning Race 35-Winning Race 36 (4pm)

Winning Race 37-Winning Race 38 (9pm)

Finals (July 2, in Budapest)

Final 3rd Place (5pm)

Final (8pm)

Photo: LM-LPS / Marco Totaro

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