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Between fashion and startups, the works of the former Juventus entrepreneur

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The day has finally arrived Retreat from soccer to Giorgio ChielliniIt was announced with a heartfelt Instagram post. Previous column for Juventus He will not need to invent hobbies to fill his days because from a young age he has invested his assets in a series of activities.

Chiellini leaves football

“I was The most beautiful and intense trip From my life. I was Everything for me. I have traveled with you on a unique and unforgettable journey. But now it’s time to open New chapters And write other important and exciting pages.”

This is what Giorgio Chiellini wrote on Instagram. The “interesting and important pages” he refers to probably relate to investments made in very diverse activities: training, consulting, artificial intelligence, fashion, real estate, sustainability…

Therefore, Chiellini leaves his role as a defender in… Los Angeles FC Say goodbye to football.

Two degrees in economics

Not just the feet, but the head too: Chiellini is one of the few footballers who has managed to combine success on the field with a fruitful college career.

He first obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business economics At the University of Turin with 109 out of 110.

In 2017, the footballer completed his academic career with a Master’s degree in Business Management with 110 and praise.

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the First investments Chiellini, now 39, goes back to when he was 25 years.

The company takes care to review all its holdings Corriere della Serawhich also points out the basic assumption underlying the sports entrepreneur’s choices: “The first mistake a footballer should not make is to believe that his career will last forever.”

Killini businessman

Chiellini is a partner with a third of the agency’s shares mate agency. Also participate in You will seea company that provides solutions to small and medium businesses.

And then there Acto play your futurea project targeting young people who intend to pursue a career in sports.

We continue with 2 hoursa thematic channel created by eSports players and with a fashion brand golden Specializing in the production of sports shoes.

There is also in Chiellini’s portfolio Tridom (The platform where you can buy trees for reforestation) e Meets (Aimed at organizing experiments in nature).

It ends with digital startup Let it flow Which works in the field of e-commerce.

“Letsell is a challenge I believe in and wanted to invest in because I am sure that digital technology and innovation are the future and an essential tool for Made in Italy companies,” says Chiellini.

He adds: “I believe in the democratizing power of the project that allows families to save on everyday purchases by offering a circular digital savings model, through a cashback system and word of mouth among users.”

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Image source: ANSA

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