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Death: Rosamund Baek Sol flop | Cinema

Death: Rosamund Baek Sol flop |  Cinema
In a recent interview with colliderAnd Rosamund Pike He’s back to talk about failure the death, a movie based on the video game of the same name that arrived in 2015.

Here are the actress’s words:

I feel partly guilty in this sense because because of ignorance and innocence I did not fully understand the meaning and importance of the death for the masses. I wasn’t a player, I didn’t understand. If I had known what I know now, I would have immersed myself in it just as I do now [per progetti come La ruota del tempo].

I feel embarrassed, because at that time the Internet was not like today where fans can make themselves heard. I didn’t know how to find them, but now I know! In fact, I now have several friends who are big fans of the video game that I would like to know soon.

Movie synopsis:

Something really dangerous happened at Olduvai Research Station, a remote science center on Mars. Communication with Earth has mysteriously been cut off and it appears that experiments have also been banned. The latest messages that have arrived paint an uneasy picture: The station is at quarantine level 5 and the only people allowed in are RRTS men, stubborn and heavily armed Marines who can neutralize any enemy, or at least that’s what he believes. everybody.

With a budget of $60 million (excluding marketing), the film has grossed worldwide revenue 58 million dollars. It’s now available on Netflix.


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