World Championships in Short Track, Canada: Women’s Relay in Final A, 7th place for Mascitto and Spechenhauser in 1500 – FISG

Glowing blue On the second day World Cup On the narrow track Canada. There in the ice of Montreal National Of Canon Quadech Coaches And Assen Pandov Inside the door Final a There Women’s relay With 2nd place Get a chance today and tomorrow in the semifinals Play for the medal In the final act of the group event. I. in individual competitions Excellent results For thatItaly Instead they come 1500 meters Where it is Cynthia Macito (Army) Female e Luke SpencerHouser (Carabinieri) In the male center 7th place Inside Final a.

Here’s the special news of this Saturday The blue quartet Female: Macito, Elisa Confordola (Golden flames), Gloria Ioriati (Golden flame) e Ariana Valzepina (Yellow flames) is really close Second place Their Drums From Semi-final Only won before Poland and behind Holland Place in Final A There they will clash with hosts in South Korea, Holland and Canada tomorrow. The goal has already been achieved For that Tricolor training He carried it in the snow Two of the four elements To doComplete introduction On top of that Rainbow view.

At personal distances, in addition to the two seventh places already mentioned, the 6th place Inside Final b Of 1500 meters For Ariana Valzepina (14th overall in the distance) Sui 500 meters – Other distance from today’s project – Thomas Natalini (Golden flame) e SpencerHouser Yes I am Stop in the quarterfinals As well as among men Ariana Valzepina Between Women.

There is no other way instead Men’s Relay Unable to go in the snow with only three athletes. Andrea Cassinelli Unable to participate in races due to (Fiamme Gialle) Positive buffer To COVID-19 When Tomaso Totti (Fiamme Oro), a last-minute substitute, was unable to reach his teammates due to delays in flights, thus missing the opportunity for the Millennials to join Montreal.

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Tomorrow, the last day of the competition, tests 1000 MetersThe Super Finals Of 3000 And this Ends From Relay races.

Here is the Program with results.

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