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Venice, two new hearts for hockey twins

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Twins Fabio and Luca Toniolo before and after heart surgery

United in illness as well as hope for a better future. So Twins Fabio and Luca Toniolo, 37, returned to their home in Portegrande, a small village in Quarto d’Altino on Friday, July 8, after having heart surgery at Mantua Hospital. Both suffer from muscular dystrophy – Inherited pathology that gradually weakens the muscles – for this reason it was necessary to use a subcutaneous defibrillator. They always shared everything: They conducted the same studies, first as a computer expert at Itis Volterra in San Don di Piave and then a degree in computer science at Ca’ Foscari University, and finally decided to work side by side in advertising graphics. They are both great athletes, playing sports for ten years Wheel chair Hockey in Coco Loco Paduathe team that has won the Italian Cup twice, the Italian Super Cup and the Scudetto: Fabio is captain and goalkeeper, Luca plays the role of defender.


We are recovering better than expected – says Fabio, With his brother Luca at his side – who recommended to us for a long timeIntervention: For us it represents additional security for the future, because our pathology puts us at high risk of arrhythmias. They also wanted to take this difficult step together. We have supported each other and we are sure that, in the next few years, we will continue in this direction – they continue – doing the sports and work we love, proving every day that you can also live with dystrophy. This path was followed first by the Cardiology Clinic of the University of Padova and then by the Nemo Rehabilitation Center for Neuromuscular Diseases in Trento, and finally the operation was performed by the medical team of the Department of Thoracic Surgery at the Hospital of Mantua. We found great professionalism, availability and kindness throughout the course – concludes Fabio – the outcome of the intervention, albeit short-lived, was not obvious but today, after a week of rehabilitation, we can say we are in good health: we are improving during the day and in the day and in September we expect to be able to Back on the field with our teammates.

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