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Emanuele Filiberto more and more into football: after Savoy financing clubs

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Not just a team, after taking over the Campania side from Savoy: Emanuele Filiberto is now also venturing into the world of football finance services. It was in fact announced by Casa Reale Holding Spa, which will present the new one in the coming weeks.

On December 21, in the conference room of the artistic sponsor Legea at Via Carlo Alberto 40 in Pompeii, the exclusive Club of Current Accounts and Banking Services will be presented with Mastercard and 4 prestigious credit cards of the Royal House. The caller will also be explained in the same context Football finance service“.

Besides the acquisition of Savoia, in fact, Emmanuel Filiberto Submit the project Casa Reale Holding S.A.Ewhich will be listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange.It will have a broad scope in entrepreneurship, sports and social issues», starting with the purchase of the club in the municipality of Torre Annunziata, which is currently playing in Serie B.

The Casa Reale Holding SpA project will include, in addition to Emanuele Filiberto himself, a group of entrepreneurs led by Nazario Macchioni together with Marco Limoncelli, representative of many entrepreneurial realities in the financial world, criminal lawyer Elio Daquino, civil lawyer Carmine Romano, technical legal director For the company with his sports advisors Eduardo Chacchio and Vincenzo Volyamanzilo, Marcelo Pica, businessman and shipping manager who will take over as chairman of the holding company and professionals Vincenzo Sica and Giuseppe Crescitelli.

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