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EPT Prague: Jordan Sacucci takes on fifth seed Antoine Chaud in the high roller.

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The curtain falls on EPT Prague.

The €5,300 Main Event has its champion and after two days of absolute dominance, 4 left Jordan Sacchus puts the exclamation point on the final table.

The Canadian player of clear Italian descent won the fight against Antoine Chaut: the Frenchman, already on November nine, after a substantial ICM contract, surrendered.

Foreigner Kannabong Thanarathrakul shone brightly in the €10,300 High Roller as Thai player David Kitai finished fifth.

Let’s see in detail.

Jordan’s tough law

A specific final table has been split into two sections for requirements related to the 2022 World Cup finals. The field went from 9 to 4 in the €5,300 Main Event on Day 5, while the final sprint to capture the bike took place yesterday. Jordan Sacchus starts again in front of everyone for the third day in a row.

The Canadian is favorite for the final victory and will respect the forecast. First off was Jun Obara: The Japanese from the shorts couldn’t find a comeback and with KJ he slapped the future champion KK. Istvan Bilhofer replaced the third classified. On Day 5, Magyar took out our Luigi D’Alterio, but didn’t make it to the final fight against Antoine Saut.

The Hungarian advances from A-9 to French A-2. A 2 in defeat is an unappealable decision, sending István to the cashiers for the bronze medal. Thanks to this hand, Transsalpine has closed the gap in numbers, rising to 18.3 million compared to the Canadian’s 19 million.

This situation prompts the two players to opt for an ICM contract, which reshapes the payouts in a more equitable manner. In the end, both secure 800,000 euros each, leaving 113,250 grand for the first-place finisher, along with the coveted bike. The contract allows you to see a short fight.

In the final hand Antoine Chaud led 6-6 and Jordan Sacucci chased A-3. A three-man trip to defeat tipped the hand to the Canadian, who was crowned champion for €913,250 and won a record-breaking Main Event at EPT Prague: beating 1,266 competitors to take the bike.


1 Jordan Sarkozy Canada €913,250*
2 Antoine Saout France €800,000*
3 Istvan Bilhofer Hungary €470,500
4 June Obara Japan €361,950
5 Parker Talbot Canada €278,450
6 Luigi D’Alterio Italy €214,150
7 Peter Kalev Bulgaria €164,750
8 Javier Gomez Zapatero Spain €126,700
9 Paul-Adrian Covaciu Romania €97,450

* Contracts

Kitai finished fifth in the High Roller

The €10,300 High Roller EPT had its final day of competition in Prague. At King’s Casino in the Czech capital, 20 players returned for the final sprint. An unrepentant and diverse Preben Stoken (16th), Jorid van Hoof (14th), Pedro Marquez (13th), Mike Watson (12th) and Steve O’Dwyer (11th) forced the white flag. Final table.

In the final act of the high roller tournament, Jack Sinclair is in eighth place for the cashiers, his A-8 no match against Carlos Spotic’s AK. Britain collects €76,010 in prize money. David Gidai 5 watches the remaining credits. Three-time WSOP champion Kannabong Dhanarathrakul outplayed A-2 on A-3.

Thanks to this hand, the mother achieves victory in her vision and, supported by an incredible run, scores the final coup. The last to fall under him is Marius Gutsmanas, who tries with his opponent’s AQ vs AJ. The board 4-Q-4-K-10 is an incredible trick for the Lithuanian who consoles himself with €339,830, while Kannabong Thanaratrakul is the champion for €543,750.

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1 Kannaphong Thanaratrakul Thailand €543,750
2 Marius Kudzmanas Lithuania €339,830
3 Carlos Spotic Germany €242,740
4 Askar Bekbayev Kazakhstan €186,710
5 David Gidai Belgium €143,630
6 Sanjarbek Sabyrkulov Kyrgyzstan €110,480
7 Kreshnik Maloku Switzerland €91,220
8 Jack Sinclair United Kingdom €76,010
9 Kubanychbek Abakirov Kyrgyzstan €63,340

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