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Farewell to the cool car brand: it really is over. Cold Bath: Lockdown is official

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Undoubtedly, the automotive sector is in the midst of a long and utopian transformation: in these years of growing interest and urgency in sustainability, and not only that, there are many new ‘paths’: and sometimes farewells.

over a practical partially revolutionary And to a large extent strategic And of course the full body result Programming, mostly, in the automotive sector, Some have been found Farewell Which the citizens may not be prepared for.

However, this is part of the cycle innovation Based on changes And it is in the order of things: at a time like this, sensitive and opens at heresy, One cannot ignore the adults New directions and new needs.

In this sense, A Great levelsDecisions are made with insight Point of view Who sees a new tomorrow an opportunity development, new markets, New partnershipsnew ideas.

The winds of modernity that also accompany the gods Farewell, Like it was Established Specifically, on behalf of these newcomers schedules, Who is known Major brand in the automotive industry: Is an era over?

Automatic This is the unexpected goodbye Big brand says stop

Maybe, but cold shower Who, first of all, seems to come out of such news, he sees in one ending A new course to look forward to attention And interest. what is he talking about? any news will be? The official closure is now taken for granted. It is related to one of the world’s best-known automotive brands.

We are talking about Renault, or rather RCI Bank, the financial branch of the French car group, which decided to close the sales agreement for its Russian leasing branch. but for whom?

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Engine – (MotorZoom)

Branch news for sale: where and to whom?

And in particular a Insight Investment Group. This choice completes the path that led to withdrawal RCI Bank from russian Federation, Following the decision made by Renault Group in 2022.

The details of the operation were not disclosed: in any case rci Bank, They’re in thirty-five countries, they employ about four thousand people and fund something like this million and two to New and used cars. The process is thus complete, with the origin passed to Russian Federation Within a much broader practical category belong the operational and strategic lines dictated by senior management.

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