April 24, 2024

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Elt: The SCORPIO payload has been successfully launched into space

Elt: The SCORPIO payload has been successfully launched into space

Rome. Elt, a leading Italian cyber defense company, in line with TENET’s strategic plan that includes “Space EW” as a growth area, has successfully launched its first payload, SCORPIO, for electronic intelligence activities in space.

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The launch of the SCORPIO system, which took place on April 14 from Vandenberg Space Station in California, was made possible thanks to a collaboration between Elt and D-ORBIT, a space logistics company, provider of “satellite taxis” and placement in LEO (low Earth orbit) From Space X’s Falcon 9 launcher. SCORPIO carries out electronic intelligence activities and makes it possible to intercept, identify and locate terrestrial electromagnetic sources (radio-frequency signals) from space, using artificial intelligence algorithms to process and classify information.

Specifically, the goal of this first mission will be to collect unclassified data observed on Earth.

With this launch, the company is putting its skills at the service of another operational domain, adding to the four other domains it’s already in with its defense systems: Air, Land, Maritime and Electronic.

Falcon 9 trajectory to low orbit

The company’s entry into the Spazio field enables Elt’s competitive position to be strengthened. Systems developed within Space EW will build on skills already acquired in cyberspace and will be integrated to protect and contrast against cyber threats.

We are very proud to have entered this new field – Enzo Benigni, President and CEO, Elt – The particular experience derived from the application of skills in the EMSO sector in the field of space today represents a strategic resource for Italy’s technological sovereignty in an increasingly important field and sector for defense and security also in the civil sector“.

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