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Futsal, Series C2. Hollympia beats Libra Futsal and regains the top spot in the standings –

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Thanks to the 10-6 win Futsal is free And withdraw from victory With the Meta Sports (3-3),Hollympia Syracuse Regains the top spot in the world rankings, in buildings with Future Rosalini.

“We knew it could be a good day to get back to the top of the class,” – commented the Biancazzori sporting director, Gianluca Infantino – “We knew that victory He would struggle with Metasport And it was. “It was a difficult match for us as well, but we played well and won deservedly.”

The ship's captain was also satisfiedHolmpia, Easter. He says: “We won against a well-organized team, which created difficulties for us, especially in the beginning. It was a close game, and after the first slip, we recovered. The team's strength was demonstrated by playing with two or three touches Easter Holiday “We succeeded in scoring goals often.”

to'Hollympia Syracuse Therefore, we enjoy the top spot in the world rankings, knowing that we still have a long way to go. The summit clashes next Saturday, on the ground victory.

(Photo: Coach Arminho and Captain Pasqua)

Results sheet

Lion of Hollympia Siracusa 10

Futsal 6

Lion of Hollympia Siracusa: Sicari, Belfiore, Carbonaro, Viale, Spano, Peluso, Forte, Pasqua, Arrigo, Spinali, Merendino, Celano. All.Arminio.

Futsal freestyle: Ciocca, Iosia, Scarso, Campanella Amore, Assenza, Giannone, Rocasalvo, Ragusa, Garuccio. Everyone is a student.

Referee: Pennisi from Agrigento.

Goals: 1' Iosia (LF), 7', 19', 24 pts Pasqua (H), 8' pts, 29' Saint-Amory (LF), 26' pts, 7', 28' St Silano (H) . , 28' and 17' Via Viale (H), 3' Via Carbonaro (H), 9' and 11' Via Giannone (LF), 30' Via Ragusa (LF), 32' Via Arrigo (H).

(Photo: Coach Arminio and Captain Pasqua)

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