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Calcio Serie C – Current: “Many opposing episodes, Mantova knows how to resurface”

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Mr. Nicolas Cornet

Today’s Mantova is the day before Mantova, who will face Pro Sesto tomorrow afternoon at Martelli. The sixth day of the tournament and Virgilian’s team cannot fail in this challenge that will have all the flavor of a live match in the future. In the red and white house, there is a desire to win again. Only one success this year in Martelli against Trento. Too little for a square there is already disagreement. Nobody in Viale T considers this match to be decisive for the coach’s fate (it was confirmed even after the defeat of Leco), but a defeat against Milan could open up new scenarios on the technical front and put everything into question. Mr. Nicolas Cornet doesn’t seem to be losing his sleep and is just thinking about what to do to put Mantova in a position to beat the pros. “It is a match – he explained yesterday at the press conference – in which we have to give answers. The team did really well with the right mix of focus, anger and enthusiasm.” The situation is very critical, given the arrangement, the box is roaring and players can feel the pressure of the moment. “We are all aware – continues the coach – that we have only won one game out of 5, and we know that we have to improve from all points of view.” So an important team reaction is expected. Starting with some experienced players who haven’t performed as expected at the start of the season yet. “I expect more from everyone – boys should not lose faith and continue to believe in what we do. We need more evil, homework is not enough for me and we have to take responsibility on the pitch. And I expect the team to also play with enthusiasm and guts.” Pro Sesto arrives, one of those teams perhaps identifiable on a par with Mantua, who will likely also play with Virgilians to reach the goal of salvation. At least that’s what the ranking says. “I expect Pro Sesto to come here to play openly, trying to get the three points back. It is a team with good rhythm and excellent organisation, but we just have to think about ourselves.”
“I didn’t expect there to be so many contradictory episodes – says the coach again -. The injuries are palpable but there are qualities to re-emerge.” Souk. Rodriguez has arrived and he will need some time to get back in shape. Then the full-back will come. “Rodriguez is training – concludes Corent – he He needs his time to catch up. As for the full-back, we are looking for the right profile and hopefully we can close soon.”
Tommaso Bellini

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