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Embedded Hockey: Let The Snakes Go In The Vicentino Derby Against The Devils

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calendar Vicentino Derby in between Asiago Fibers Which Devils Vicenza, with Altopianesi “crushed” by the hosts by 7 goals to 2 after a match played with “Wrong approach, mistakes, few and confusing ideas, in short, the classic bad night that’s, probably, worse than the one you can’t playAs it was said by snakes.

The Snakes who started with the handbrake, and after only 3 minutes they are already at a disadvantage, feel the blow and in the seventh they find themselves under three goals, also thanks to a penalty kick by Enrico Chelodi for detention. Coach Luca Rigoni is forced to call the timeout to try and change his squad, but to capitalize on the moment, Vicenza still finds the opening to sign 4 to 0 thanks to reluctance to change Asiago’s streak.
In the 6-minute interval, the plateau shortens Thomas Berthod In a personal business starts from facing the front court. However, it seems that the Snakes are not very decisive and unable to take advantage of opportunities with the extra man, as they will rest under 4 goals to 1 goal.

In the second half comes another opportunity in powerplay, but the Devils are showing that they have more desire to win and outnumber the fifth goal. Soon after Enrico Chilodi entered his third personal penalty, with the extra 10′ forcing him into a long break: the hosts thank you and raise the score 6 to 1.
In the seventh minute, Nicolas Munari penetrates the opponent’s defense and opens in front of him David Rudigiero Whoever supports the goal of the moment 6-2 on the net there are also two chances to play in powerplay but the snakes do not have the right evening and even suffer from the seventh goal 3 seconds of the siren.

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Luca Rigoni, coach of Asiago Vipers

Results of the thirteenth day

Justice Padova 9 – Libes Piacenza 1
Vicenza Devils 7 – Asiago Fibers 2
Monleale Sportleale 2 – Ivy Trieste 4
Ferrara Warriors 9 – Citadel Hockey 0
HC Milano 9 – CUS Verona 1

Italian league standings

Inline hockey Serie A standings Match Day 13

Vicentino Derby Review

Credit: Serena Fantini Photo

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