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When can I enter into the fixed price system?

When can I enter into the fixed price system?

VAT numbers: When can you benefit from the flat rate system? What are the economic and technical standards to be respected? In the following article we see the requirements to be able to re-enter this concessional tax system and who can access it.

The flat rate chart It is a subsidized tax system provided by our legal system to holders purchase price This respect is for sure Economic requirements. In detail, this system provides a file Ordinary taxes reduced by 15% and 5% for new activities.

Let’s take a closer look at how the fixed price scheme works and who can benefit from it.

Flat Rate Scheme: Access Requirements

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The Requirements To be respected to reach the fixed price chart remained the same compared to last year. In detail, to be eligible for the 2022 flat-rate plan, VAT numbers must be required to:

  • To have revenues or bonuses that do not exceed 65000 Euro;
  • Not incurring expenses in excess of 20000 Euro the total for overtime and employee work and bonuses paid to collaborators, also assigned to carry out specific projects;
  • From not realizing what’s behind it €30,000 Income from work or retirement. This threshold does not apply to workers who are dismissed or who have resigned, who therefore have free access to the subsidized system.

Fixed Price Chart: How It Works

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The flat rate chartWe remind you that it is a subsidized tax system for Individual VAT numberswhich was introduced by the 2015 Stability Law with the aim of ensuring some simplification in terms of taxation and accounting and renewed under the upcoming budget law.

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The system allows a fixed rate to be applied to revenues and fees up to a maximum 65000 Euro shook his head:

  • to me 15th% for all VAT numbers;
  • to me 5% for startup companies.

To calculate how many taxes you actually pay, it is necessary to multiply the invoiced amount by the 15% tax rate (or 5% if you are a beginner) and then multiply the result obtained by the profitability factor.