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Dorthe Nors’ Map of Canada is a reflection of us all

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In the north, at a party not your own, life itself echoes. Avoid readers who feel lost because the story lacks gravity

See elsewhere for detailed settings. A narrative trick that makes us shudder at the explosive emotions, the twists, the guys who walk through the door with guns in their hands – to surprise, deceive and delight – or the overflowing conspiracies. This leads to an inevitable increase in the wetting index.

Return elsewhere: Why return Dorth Norse – Danish author “Map of Canada” (Racconti Bompiani, pag. 120, euro 16) Translated by Ingrid Basso, who has already met with joy in Kierkegaardian territories – it means to enter a place where, if anything, something is visible or almost nothing happens. No gun. There is no beginning. No one is making grand gestures or rushing somewhere. No one is hiding anything from us. No one likes the human Balzac with his contemptible and human strength. Vengeances don’t erupt, real internal earthquakes or terrible conflicts. The climate is moderate. Characters are human. It’s what they do. And I am what I am. There are no doubles in the reading, no zeros, and the biography that can be seen tells the rarely seen. What these fourteen short stories by Dorth Norse (The Moor’s Girl casually described by the Daily Mail as “a Danish Woody Allen”) offer the reader is “a reflection of us all” – and it is only fitting that we quote here. New York Times Book Review.

Warning: If you’re the type of reader who gets lost in a lack of narrative gravity; A person who stumbles without reference between the records of September, rather, who likes things, events and temperature ranges; He who does not merrily wander among the abstract delights of the so-called chiaroscuro tones and exhausts the tour de force of illusion; He buys a storybook and is annoyed to find that he has brought home a prism (the film was a critic favorite, “Think Intellectual”, in serial versions “Prism of Existences and Emotions” / “Visions of a Prism Family” / “Prism of Painful Experiences Telling a Novel” – these formulas are heavily copied and pasted, and there are indeed writers like this, and they are among us), if you are the type of reader who likes meat, blood and fire, then “Map of Canada” is not for you.

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Of course, someone will bring up Chekhov – when it’s too modest to praise a story or novel, Chekhov will always be brought up (let’s hope not in later life with an extinct sense of literacy, and we’ll spare anyone the torture of unnecessary analogy) – but, referring to this “Map of Canada”, The reference would be completely out of place. But cheer up, there’s more good news: There’s life beyond Anton, Norse has a vivid personality and often the elusive material of life takes shape between the pages, though always in explosive form. While the collection may seem a bit uneven, and while the game doesn’t work on all the stories – and doesn’t release the reflections destined to persevere through all the prisms – here’s one, truly amazing, one of the most beautiful reads of recent months, that stands out. As Golden Solo: These are “perfect birds”. It is the story of a widow who joins a certain Anja after a night spent together during a seminar in a national park. The girl finds him slumped in the middle of her family gathering at an inn to celebrate her aunt’s 80th birthday – Anja has forgotten about the appointment and gives her friend the green light to join her. Here is the shame of the man who feels alienated from a family that does very little to comfort him, relatives full of intrigue, subtext and disguised prejudice, then bored, going to the toilet to pass the time, she who doesn’t ‘don’t see him much anymore, can’t say anything to each other, depression home. returned. And a walking path through the Isthmus of Auger – a jewel of solitude, a whole life echoing itself, destiny in one color.

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