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A luxury home in Canada inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s style

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For this luxury home in Canada, architects from Falcon Reynolds Studio wanted to draw inspiration from the region’s mountain homes and lakeside cabins.It interprets them in a modern way to visually connect the house to its natural surroundings. The exceptional view of the surrounding landscape inspired Falcon Reynolds to select the materials. Like stone, wood and leather.

Falcon Reynolds’ creative concept is design from the inside out. Inspired by the sense of perspective Frank Lloyd Wright. Another obvious influence is the presence of black detailing, which gives the illusion that the wooden ceiling is floating, following the same principle. Mies van der Rohe In the pavilion Barcelona, Adds strength and lightness at the same time.

The kitchen is strategically placed between the indoor and outdoor entertaining areas for easy access. Even the architects and creators of Falcon Reynolds have chosen to favor fluidity between spaces. Decorated in soft and natural color palettes, the house is decorated with furniture and lighting to give a warm and refreshing feel. Muuto, Scott Landon Antiques, Benson, JanotaRoll and Hill, Guby, Cappellini, Noel E Flexform, among others.

Article published on AD SpainAdapted by Paola Corazza.

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