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Be careful when withdrawing cash: here’s what can happen

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Cash withdrawals constitute the most general and widespread form of remote operation rooted in the common financial context, since other such operations can now be carried out without the use of a conventional ATM terminal (the branch is inappropriately defined as “Bancomat”).

Be careful when withdrawing cash: here’s what can happen

This operation is possible, as it is now, precisely with these tools that are very widespread throughout the country but more generally throughout the European context, thanks to various remote tools, such as Bancomat, Maestro and the like.

Cash withdrawals have always been in the “eyes” of scammers and criminals who over time have developed variants of more or less “polished” scams to gain access not only to our money, but also more generally to the information contained in the card.

In fact, the danger is in not paying enough attention to these “tricks”, which can literally make us lose money and the possibility of using our account by cloning the card, a simpler process than one might think.

One of the common methods is to tamper with some of the tools that are part of the ATM such as the slot for inserting the card which the tamper can be equipped with a tool like scrapers Appropriately modified ones can actually “capture” our card data.

Other various remedies with the same purpose are to ‘spy’ on the user while typing the PIN or when withdrawing cash, so beware of any fake keypads placed on the ‘real’ ones but also that there are often ‘disguised’ small cameras In places that are difficult to monitor.

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Even the slots used to dispense cash can be appropriately blocked with various tools, so that banknotes do not come out. For this reason, it is always best to check first, and also remember not to leave the premises if the money has not been delivered but to notify the bank immediately.

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