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Organizers of Canada, GP Québec and Montreal want a third World Tour race – the 2026 world championships are almost certain to be held in Montreal.

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The Canada It may soon increase its importance in important cycling. A North American country that has seen huge gains in recent days GB de Quebec And GP de Montreal After a two-year absence due to the pandemic, it could actually host a third World Tour race from 2024 and 2026 World Championship. What step a Wheelerflies from Sebastian ArsenaultWho together is his father Serge Regulates two Canadian GPsInternational Cycling Union He would have given the green light to create a new race to be added to the World Tour calendar. Also, the next UCI Congress during the Wollongong World Championships should reward precisely that Montreal As the venue for the 2026 World Championships, the Canadian city returned to host the event after the 1974 edition.

However, as for the third World Tour race, the city where it will be held has not yet been established, although Serge Arsenault has not ruled out the option. America. His son Sebastien has a different opinion: “I would like to organize a third tournament in the province of Quebec, as well as competitions in the cities of Quebec and Montreal. On the other hand, for example, Ottawa might be a possibility. I want to stay in Canada and not see America right away like my father“.

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