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Donald Trump mocks the war in Ukraine: ‘Let’s put the Chinese flag on the fighters and bomb Russia’

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The United States of America They should “put the Chinese flag” on the fighters F22 And the “carpet bombing of Russia”. It’s a war in Ukraine After the invasion of Putin and Donald trump He finds time to joke: “Then let’s say, he was there ChinaThe former president said to the laughter of the Republican “big donors” (sponsors) who attended an event in New Orleansaccording to what Washington Post.

The US newspaper has a tape of Trump’s speech – which went on 84 minutes – During which he praised the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un Noting that he is a “strong man” and appreciating the fact that the dictator has “total control” of his country. He also emphasized that he was more tough with Putin than other presidents, despite accusations made during his election campaign that he had the help and support of the Russians to win the 2016 elections. What if the billionaire is still in the competition. There would be no invasion of Ukraine, said the White House businessman himself: “I knew Putin well, and he would not, he did not do“.

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