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“Once our response starts, if they hit us, we will fight back.”

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Biden: “Our response has begun”

“This afternoon, at my direction, US military forces struck targets at facilities in Iraq and Syria that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and its affiliated militias are using to attack US forces. Our response begins today. And it will continue at the times and places we choose.” The American President says so Joe Biden In a statement issued by the White House.

Biden: We don't want war, but if they hit us, we will respond

The United States “does not want a conflict in the Middle East or anywhere else in the world.” But all those who want to harm us know this: If you harm an American, we will retaliate,” said President Joe Biden.

Pentagon: raids in Syria and Iraq against more than 85 targets

US Central Command (Centcom) forces conducted airstrikes in Iraq and Syria against Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Quds Force and its affiliated militia groups. US military forces bombed more than 85 targets, with many aircraft, including long-range bombers, flying from the United States. Centcom writes it to X.

“The air strikes used more than 125 precision bombs and missiles. The American forces added that the affected facilities included command and control centers, intelligence headquarters, missile and missile depots, drone depots, ammunition supply chain, and logistical facilities for militia groups and their sponsors from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard that facilitated attacks against American and coalition forces. .

US raids in Syria and Iraq

After denying the news that the US had begun raids in Syria, Fox News corrected this by saying that US attacks are underway not only in the country but also in Iraq. All news quoted senior Pentagon officials, who also specified that the targets that were struck were eight, not six.

Red Sea, EULEX tactical command given to Italy

“Today, the European Union requested Italy to provide the force commander of Operation Aspids in the Red Sea (the admiral officer who exercises command on board the naval assets participating in the operation). The importance and urgency of Operation Aspides, which will help ensure freedom of navigation and the safety of commercial traffic in the Red Sea, prompted the Italian Defense to immediately guarantee its support. This is a further recognition of the commitment of the government and defense and the professionalism of the Navy,” said Defense Minister Guido Crosetto

Hamas also wants Barghouti and Saadat released

agitation He brought Israel's release to the negotiating table with Israel Marwan Barghouti. The request – along with demands for a permanent ceasefire and complete withdrawal of the army from the Strip in exchange for the release of the hostages – came in an interview with Lebanese television by Hamas representative in Beirut Osama Hamdan, who also named Ahmed Saadat. Barghouti – who has long been a potential candidate to head the Palestinian National Authority after Abu Mazen – has been in prison since 2002 as the leader of the Second Intifada. He was sentenced to five life sentences for planning three attacks that killed five Israelis. While Saadat is the head of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine who was sentenced to 30 years in prison for his role in the killing of Israeli Tourism Minister Rehavam Ze’evi in ​​2001. The names of Barghouti and Saadat are part of “thousands” of Palestinian prisoners, including those sentenced to life imprisonment, who, according to Hamdan Israel should release them based on the proposal brokered by the United States, Qatar and Egypt in Paris. The head of the Hamas movement, Ismail Haniyeh, confirmed – in agreement with the leader of the Islamic Jihad movement in Gaza, Ziad Nakhla, and the deputy secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Jamil Mezher – that any agreement with Israel must lead to a permanent cessation of fighting and exit from the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian enclave belonging to the Israeli army, in addition to lifting the siege on Gaza, rebuilding the Strip and exchanging prisoners. An Israeli source told the American channel NBC that in light of the current rumors about Hamas' positions, the probability of reaching an agreement is “no more than 50%.” Doubts were also characterized by statements leaked to Canale 12 by some ministers who took part in last night's war cabinet meeting, that optimism was definitely not the order of the day. It is not a coincidence that the families of more than 130 hostages still in Gaza called on Saturday evening in Tel Aviv for a huge demonstration in front of the Ministry of Defense. The chosen slogan says it all: “One hundred and twenty days underground without air, the hostages are in mortal danger.” Therefore, it seems that hopes are pinned on additional mediation carried out by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken Who will arrive in Israel at the end of the week for his sixth visit since the start of the conflict. On the 119th day of the war, the army continues its operations in the Hamas stronghold of Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip, where fierce fighting took place with militiamen. The death toll in the Gaza Strip, according to Hamas data – which does not distinguish between civilian deaths and militia members – reached 27,131 dead. Tensions also remain high in the region: another IRGC advisor was killed in a raid in Damascus, attributed to Israel. While the Israeli army intercepted a surface-to-surface missile launched towards Israel from the Red Sea

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Officials, this is the one who signs the document

The document was signed by officials working on behalf of the US government and officials from 11 European countries, among which the BBC mentions the United Kingdom, Germany or France. This was explained in a BBC transcript by a US official with “more than 25 years of experience” in the ranks of the national security services, who – protected by anonymity – denounced the “continued denial” of the leaders of the countries involved. Collect these warnings raised by “voices that know the (Middle Eastern) region and its dynamics.” “The truth here – said loudly by the BBC – is that not only have we failed to prevent something from happening, we have become actively complicit.” The text accuses Israel of having “no limits” in its military operations in Gaza: operations that have already caused “thousands of avoidable civilian deaths” and which, through a “deliberate blockade of aid,” “put thousands of civilians at risk.” The risk of slow death from starvation.” Not only that: the signatories also raise, due to their governments' policies, the “reasonable risk of contributing” (through some form of aiding and abetting) to “serious violations of international law and the law of war and even ethnic cleansing or genocide.”

“The Iranian Pasdaran was killed in an Israeli attack on Damascus”

An Iranian Revolutionary Guards adviser was killed in an alleged Israeli attack in Damascus, a semi-official Iranian news website reported, and was repeated by Haaretz. The Syrian army claims to have shot down a series of Israeli missiles fired from the Golan Heights that were targeting southern Damascus, The Guardian reported. According to the Reuters website, news of an explosion near Damascus had already spread last night. There was no immediate comment from the Israeli army.

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More than 800 European and American officials condemn Israel

More than 800 American and European diplomats and officials signed a “transatlantic” document accusing Israel of committing “serious violations of international law” in the context of the military response against the Gaza Strip in response to the Hamas attack on October 7, and demanding a more decisive response from the relevant authorities and governments. . Otherwise, they wrote in a text seen by the BBC, among other things, there is a “risk of complicity in one of the gravest humanitarian catastrophes of the century”: which could lead to scenarios of “ethnic cleansing and genocide.”

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