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Dogs, wild body, mother: all new Sanchez secrets

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Big events champion Inter and Inzaghi have found another weapon for the championship race. Here’s how Alexis Maravilla came back

Roots / Rebuilds earthquake-hit Tocopilla

No one is a prophet at home or about. For in the case of Alexis Sanchez one can speak of a very happy exception: in Chile Niño is seen almost as a god by his countrymen, while he is the undisputed pride of his fellow countrymen. For what he was able to do with the Roja national team, of course, but above all because he was able to take care of Tocopilla, his hometown of 25,000, who also decided to name a street after him a few years ago, after a citizen referendum. On the street is a huge mural of Alexis cheering in a Chilean shirt, and next to it are all the shirts of the clubs he played for. Alexis’ story is like a book: when the city was hit in 2007 and marked by an earthquake, Alexis was among the first to make himself available to give support to the 5,000 people who had lost their homes and to rebuild the city. The most affected areas. His intervention was fundamental to the realization of some projects, such as building two schools and a football field, or making the restoration of hospitals and buildings worse.

Inseparable friends Atom and Humber are always with him. And on Instagram…

There is no place in the world where you can meet Alexis Sanchez without her dogs. He currently has four at Milan, but two of them are really special. They are the Golden Retrievers Alexis has been carrying with him since Arsenal and who also decided to open an Instagram profile of over 180,000 followers. Atom and Humber are like children and love to spend their free time with them, play in the park or go for a run and walk in the parks. It is clear that the two dogs are always with him, even on vacation, even when he plays: already because Alexis wears special shoes, on which the names of his four-legged friends are engraved. In the past, Manchester United fans, at the worst moment of his Red Devils experience, would have started attacking and mocking him on social media precisely because of this appalling love towards the two four-legged friends. Who today enjoy the huge garden of the villa on Lake Como where Alexis decided to go live after moving to Inter.

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Body Care / What a Passion for the Gym and White Meat

Alexis is a workout addict. “Repair” to take care of his body. She has no tattoos and indeed this thing is unique in the contemporary world. And then he likes to train, between running and walking in the open and long sessions in the gym, where he often remains alone after training, for additional sessions in strength and endurance. From the treadmill to the bench, through the weights and tools: there is not a day when Sanchez does not find time to take care of his body. Not even on vacation, as multiple times swimming in the pool adds to the gym. It is clear that even food is treated in a crazy way: in his youth he loved red meat, and today he prefers eggs, accompanied by red wine or his companion.

Private life/models and tabloids are far away now. There is only mother

Presently, Alexis Sanchez is a luxurious bachelor. Many women entered his life, but none of them were able to leave their mark. Perhaps also for this reason he decided to take a house in a quiet place, designed more for the welfare of his dogs – the villa on the lake has a huge garden – than for the life of a married couple. Over the years, many women have come and gone from Alexis’ life, which has made headlines among supermodels and some tabloid scandals. Now Alexis has decided to stay alone for a while and enjoy life’s great love as much as possible: mother Martina. Mrs. Martina is the real secret of Alexis’ success, she needs the consent of the mother before making an important decision. Mama Martina has been the center of Alexis’ world since he was a child, abandoned by his biological father when he was a child with his two sisters. Then the most important male figure remains Uncle Jose, a kind of presumed father to the now former El Niño Maravilla.

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In the locker room / Anima no Panda. His goal is a gift of 500,000 euros

The lingerie locker room has always had a strong South American spirit inside of it, and Simone Inzaghi’s spirit is certainly no different from that of the past. The Nerazzurri gang has a tribal chief Alexis Sanchez, with his friend and inseparable compatriot Arturo Vidal. The two were almost brothers, sharing their first win with Colo Colo at the start and the last two in Italy in the Nerazzurri jersey. But Vidal is not only found in Sanchez’s masterpieces: Alexis is also very close to Lautaro Martinez, with whom he loves to patent new ceremonies. Oddly enough, Toro is often the player with whom he enters the ballot for a starter shirt, and therefore also because of Lautaro Alexis today feels like a “lion in a cage”. A golden cage, even after the success of the Super Cup led to the prize promised by President Zhang: Sanchez’s last goal against Juventus gave the Nerazzurri a €500,000 bonus. Double party for everyone.

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