December 5, 2023

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“Something happened to my son”

“Something happened to my son”

Fear for Paola Caruso. Another Avanti’s ex Bonas explained why she disappeared from social networks for a month. Unfortunately, the dramatic reason is related to the health of his son Michelino, who was his former partner Francesco Caserta.

For about a month, very blonde soup Paula Caruso All traces are lost, at least in social. The previous face of Pupa and the Geek Show She usually shares her daily life with her followers, so her sudden disappearance made more than one fan suspicious and anxious. In the past few hours, Paula has finally returned to the internet, revealing the dramatic reason that kept her off it Instagram we will miss you.

The last post posted by the previous one Bonas to yet another He recounted the beginning of a vacation in Sharm el-Sheikh, accompanied by his son Michelino. The baby was born in the year 2019 from a relationship with the entrepreneur Francis Caserta, who left the showgirl pregnant. Long story in various The salons of Barbara d’Urso, which Caruso frequently frequented. Anyway, according to the version of the little star, Caserta Not offered in any way for child support.

Paola Caruso returns to social media with a shocking announcement: “Fear for my son”

Paola Caruso is back online on Instagram to share an ad with his followers that no one wanted to hear. Sobret Calabria revealed that the reason for her absence had something to do with it very serious It happened to little Michelle.I thank everyone who wrote to me, which is why I disappearedA – Paula started – I preferred to make a story to tell everyone. Please, is it A very sensitive period for me and my son. At the moment I do not wish to say more, also because there are procedures under way. When I feel like saying more, I will. Also because some very serious things happened“.

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A few words reveal nothing of the current circumstances of Son of Paola CarusoAnd do not betray the details of what happened. We only know that the accident happened during the holiday in Egypt. “We were in Sharm El Sheikh with my son – Follow Caruso – And we deserve Urgent return to Italy to calamity What happened to Michael. We have been doing tests and treatments for a month and we will do a lot of treatment for a long time.”