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Calcio Prima, a draw between Accademia Marinis and San Lorenzo (1-1)

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It ends 1-1 between Accademia Marignanes and San Lorenzo. Coach Mirko Palazzi’s team played a positive match in some respects, but missed the chance to win the match. San Lorenzo outnumbered in half an hour of the first half due to a bad mistake by DeLuca, and the Academia Marineñez only partially took advantage of the situation, managing to take the lead with a brilliant header by defender Alessandro Lupoli, but failed to close. The game misses some opportunities to double the game.

For seventy minutes the team was comfortable on the field and created chances, perhaps due to fear of not being able to win the match, perhaps due to some questionable decision by the referee, Accademia Marignanese stopped playing and risked an equalizer with a penalty missed by San Lorenzo. The alarm bell wasn’t enough to put things into perspective and the visitors eventually scored almost the same goal with a Fuzzini header just a stone’s throw from the goal.

The referee also restored numerical parity by showing the second yellow card, then the red one, to striker Gianluca de Blasio. Then the Accademia Marignanese, with all the substitutions already made, was outnumbered in turn by an injury to top scorer Alessandro Lupoli and risked nine against ten losing a match that should have ended well before the conclusion. The winter transfer window opens this week and the Marines academy is already working on strengthening the squad.


Marinanese Academy – San Lorenzo 1 – 1

Marinenes Academy: Badioli, Markaj, Berardi (60 Izzo), Beccari, Ottaviani F., Luppoli, Cekirri (55th Marcolini), Lorenzi (70 Ottaviani G.), Siciliano (73rd Romano A.), Romano L. (82 ° Gabellini), Available de Blasio: Ndoy, Rinaldi. Coach: Mirko Palazzi

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Saint LawrenceGallo, Santoni (Vichy 75), Giovanardi, DeLuca, Mancini, Brunella, Stefanotti, Jannetti, Scarbellini, Amaducci, Bianco (Fucini 65). Available: Menotti, Tontini, Lazaretti, Buffon, Santini, Gomez, Fandi. Coach: Giovanni Costa

Rule: Emilio Bucherossi from the Ravenna department

networks40° Lupoli (AM), 88° Fosini (SL)

NB. Fired: Delucca (SL) and Di Blasio (AM)

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