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Elking World Hockey Award: Best Player in the A1 Series is Catalan Jordi Mendez Ortiz of Amatori Wasken Lodi

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His teammate Eric Turner and Giulio Coco del Trecino on the podium.

Castiglione della PescaiaFor the 2021-2022 season, the best player in the A1 series of roller hockey is Catalan Jordi Mendes Ortiz, Amatori bomber Waskin Lodi.

38 journalists and professionals from all over Italy voted to choose the best player in the league. The Mvp of Mondo Hockey by Elking, the technical materials company of the Nobili brothers in Follonica, has reached its third edition.

Mendes, the 24-year-old Spanish striker, also achieved a golden award this season with 51 goals, after second place last year (41 goals behind Federico Ambrosio), and a stubborn striker also in the Euroleague (10 goals).

Jordi Mendes was the most voted by the jury, with 990 points.
Behind him was Amatori Waskin Lodi’s teammate Eric Turner, with 850 points, and then the ghost of Ghs Trissino Giulio Cocco, with 660 points.
In total, 36 players got points: in fourth place with 590 points, Folonica striker Francesco Panini, and in fifth place, first goalkeeper Riccardo Gnata with 430 points, from Forte dei Marmi.

MVP Mondo Hockey-Elking creator Enrico Giovannilli presented the award to Jordi Mendez Ortiz on Saturday 16 April, just before the Coppa Italia semi-finals, straight to Pala Forte.

Enrico Giovannilli said: “The Mvp Mondo Hockey-Elking award is growing year by year, and I can only thank all the participants. Certainly, the voices expressed reward one of the most decisive players in the Italian championship in recent seasons, such as Jordi Mendes, whom I congratulated.”

“Yes, I am really happy – said Jordi Mendes, when he was awarded the best player award – but first of all I have to thank the team and my teammates. The award is mine but also theirs. Now I am looking forward and I want more. I came to Italy to do my best and from For the people who follow us, I dedicate this award to my family, who are always close to me, and to my teammates.”

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A1 Mvp Series Honor List. 2019-20 Danilo Rampola (Sarzana), 2020-21 Federico Ambrosio (Forte dei Marmi), 2021-22 Jordi Mendes Ortiz (Amatori Wasquin Lodi).

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