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Director Gareth Edwards talks to us about his film

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Where the idea came from, the innovative ways in which the film was shot and post-produced, the fascinating theme of artificial intelligence and the possibility of a sequel: this is what the author of The Creator has been saying in cinemas since September 28.

Gareth Edwards He is a 48-year-old English director who made his directorial debut with a really great independent film, Monsters (You can find it at Prime Video) He was then asked to direct the first film for The verse of the beast contemporary to warner, Godzilla of 2014, and then even one of the spin-off films of the saga star Wars, Rogue One – A Star Wars Story.
His new film, which arrives in Italian cinemas on September 28, is titled the creatoran action-packed fantasy film about a future torn by war between the human race and an advanced form of artificial intelligence that threatens to annihilate humanity.
the creator do you see John David Washington As Joshua, a former Special Forces agent who recently lost his wife and is recruited for a mission as important as it is daunting: to hunt down and kill the Creator, the elusive engineer of advanced artificial intelligence who threatens to annihilate all of humanity thanks to a terrible weapon with a very innocent appearance: a little girl’s weapon.
This is it The official Italian trailer for this new Edwards film.

We met Gareth Edwards Via Zoom with the international press, there the director told us where the idea for the film came from the creatorwhich he later co-wrote Chris Wise (He’s at Hossein Aminispecific Edwardswhile Amini Not officially approved).
“I just finished work Rogue oneAnd I felt the need to disconnect,” he said. So my friend and I decided to go visit her parents in Iowa, on the other side of the United States, and she suggested we go there by car: a four-day trip. The nice thing when you finish making a movie is that your brain somehow resets itself, coordinates itself, and I never expected to immediately start thinking about the next movie: I put on some headphones and looked out the window. . We were passing through a rural area, and there were endless fields of grass, but at a certain point I saw a tree with a Japanese logo on it, and I immediately started thinking that maybe there was a robotics factory in the Midwest and I thought of a robot leaving the factory for the first time and finding grass, trees, and sky in front of it. I thought it could be a good scene for a movie, then I put it aside and devoted myself to something else, but… The image kept coming to mind during the trip so I started building a story around it and by the time we got to my girlfriend’s parents’ house I had almost the entire movie going through my mind.“.
Edwards He defines this set-up as unusual, because “usually you spend at least a year struggling and researching a story, and trying to make it work,” but shooting the film the creator, which followed decidedly different production paths compared to the standards of similar Hollywood productions. “When you make a movie like this, what you do is design a world from scratch, and you make all these amazing works of art, and you show it to the studio, and you’re told that you’ll never really find a place like this, and then,” explained Edwards, who instead succeeded in convincing The production team filmed in real locations and then worked on the shots in post-production in an innovative way: “We had to shoot in a $200 million studio and green screen.” road.
“If you can assemble a small enough crew, the costs are so low that it’s cheaper to travel anywhere in the world than to rebuild everything in the studio. We decided to go to the best location for each individual scene, choosing places like volcanoes in Indonesia, temples Buddhism in the Himalayas, and monuments in Cambodia. We’ve been to eight different countries and… We shot the film as if it were an independent film“.
To help Edwards in this kind of way Guerrilla style Alongside blockbuster films, there were also new, very light digital cameras capable of sensitivity up to 12,000 ISO: “We were able to do without large, heavy and difficult-to-rearrange lights, and just had someone holding a light on a boom as well as this happens for microphones.” “
“And when we finished filming”The director concluded, “We still have enough budget for Industrial Light and Magic and other companies to do live post-editing of what they’re already doing, drawing all the sci-fi elements onto our edited material, without wasting work on a single frame.”.
A way of working that Edwards defines as “highly efficient, which I really like: I never want to go back to the old system again.”

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And the wonderful topicartificial intelligence? “We used it as a kind of metaphor to talk about people who are different from you. Confirm, When I started writing, in 2018, AI was a bit like flying cars, or living on the moon, but for a year now the issue has been topical and it’s all very surreal.“But I think so,” the director explained All the great technological innovations – electricity, computers, the Internet – have caused seismic and alarming responses to industries and society, but once the impact of the onset wears off, we are all glad they existed. And soon we will think the same thing about artificial intelligence: The positive aspects will outweigh the negatives. Then of course I say this because when the robot apocalypse happens, maybe because of this announcement they will save me and not enslave me like it will happen to all of you.
what Gareth Edwards It doesn’t matter at all, it’s a possibility the creator He may have consequences or spin off. “When I have time to sit on the couch and watch something, I always end up arguing with my girlfriend, because she wants to watch series and I want to watch movies,” he explained. “And she always asks me why I don’t like shows, and I’ve thought about it, and what’s my problem, and I realized that I like endings. The part I like most about a story is how it ends, and when I try to think of stories, I always work backwards, starting at the end, and trying to build up to what comes first in order to build up to that climax.. Everything ends up being self-sufficient. As much as I love this world I’ve built, I think this story isn’t meant to be reproduced anymore. “This is not in my program, I don’t care.”
Not even if it was a huge hit and the production was strongly driven? “In this case I am ready for a trilogy,” the director joked.

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