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How much does it cost to fly in space? – News

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How much does it cost to fly in space? This information is not usually published, but Virgin Galactic (Richard Branson’s company) announced that the price of a ticket to fly its space planes is 390 thousand euros.

In the last few hours Virgo Galaxy, Richard Branson Company dedicated to space tourism, announced financial results for the third quarter of 2021. In addition to key information devoted to earnings, expenses, and more, other major news emerged to better understand how the space market is moving.

For example the CEO of a company, Michael Colglazer, frankly that a a ticket To get a seat on the plane VSS unit space plane good price 450 thousand euros. This information is usually kept confidential, which simply means that the price was high but without specifying the exact number. One exception was Blue Origin’s auction of selling the first ticket on a manned flight with New Shepard. In this case €24 million was reached (but it was still an auction, not an auction “traditional selling”).

As the CEO mentioned, the Branson-based company has halted passenger flights to focus on development Eve VMS and on space planes. Flights will only resume at the end of this period (in the fourth quarter of 2022). Colglazer mentioned that “We are entering our fleet improvement period with a clear roadmap to increase the durability, reliability and predictability of our vehicles in preparation for commercial service next year.”. The first mission will be Unit 23 where people associated with the CNR and the Italian Air Force will be on board.

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In addition to price subordinate a ticket from 390 thousand euros on board one Virgin Galactic space plane For a flight at an altitude of 80 km, other information was also announced. The CEO also added that the demand for space travel is strong and seats are being sold at a high price. This is despite the asking price and the experience that is different from the Inspiration4 experience or aboard the International Space Station. But either way, tickets cost between €8.6 million and €17 million.

Colglazer This is a pivotal moment for society, he added. This will go from an innovative but typical experience to a large scale commercial experience. The CEO also emphasized the media hype related to the flights. after, after Unit 22 . Mission Tens of thousands of inquiries have been received for information about the company’s future space flights.

It’s been announced 1000 seatsAbout 700 of them have already been sold. Future space tourists must pay a deposit of 130 thousand euros Of which €21.7 thousand non-refundable.

We remind you that flying at an altitude of about 80 km, according to international conventions, you cannot cross the Karman Line located 100 km away. This means that outside the United States it does not count as spaceflight. Instead in favor of the FAA and the USAF “It is enough” About 80 km of altitude is considered an area.

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