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What is emotional stress and why is it increasing around the world – Corriere.it

What is emotional stress and why is it increasing around the world – Corriere.it

Human societies are being gripped by a wave of emotional stress, with a clearly marked increase between 2009 and 2021. It is a long standing phenomenonperhaps related to some elements of contemporary society, such as The constant rebroadcast of the news, often alarming and negativeThrough social media, but also to reduce social cohesion, lack of job stability, and economic and political uncertainty.

I study

Above all, people with a low level of education and those with economic hardship are affected, even if not even populations belonging to higher socioeconomic groups are exempt from increased emotional stress. And in terms of age, she is mostly involved thethe group Between 15 and 35 years old, while there are no statistically significant differences with regard to sex. This data emerges from a large set of data, implemented More than one and a half million people in 113 different countries. The study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of SciencesCreated by Michael Daly of the University of Maynooth in Ireland and Lucía Macchia of City University of London. The researchers found the presence of stress, sadness, anxiety and anger, which represent the most important components of emotional stress.

The Role of Medicines and the COVID-19 Epidemic

According to the study authors, this state of stress could also be related to increased drug abuse, especially opioid analgesics, which has recently become a very alarming phenomenon in the United States. present, however The role played by the COVID-19 pandemic is not decisive generating this kind of pressure. “We verified that the level of emotional distress did in fact increase by two and a half percentage points during the 2020 pandemic,” say the paper’s authors.

“A result consistent with what has emerged from longitudinal studies indicating that the epidemic had a modest negative psychological impact. In addition to, The increase in the level of emotional distress specifically associated with the pandemic, as noted in this study, was short-lived, from 2020 to 2021, when it returned to pre-pandemic levels. The results show how People have flexibly adapted to stressful conditions The pandemic appeared relatively soon, after the first impact caused by the closure ».


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