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Tomb Raider: New details on the defunct sequel, who will buy the rights? | Cinema

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A few days ago, we learned of the death of a sequel to Tomb rider with Alicia Vikander After the fact that MGM lost its intellectual property rights to exploit the films; As a direct result, producer Graham King and GK Films have put it on the market pending an auction between studios and giants. flow benefit.

After the bolt out of the blue, wrap He posted an analysis of what went wrong explaining what went wrong behind the scenes. In fact, internal sources make it clear that among the problems that initially led to the project being postponed and then to suspension, there were some that led to the project being postponed. creative differences between Alicia Vikander and director and screenwriter Misha Green on the latest draft of the script.

There was no shortage of concerns from MGM about budget growing That combined with the impatience of rights holders led to a nail in the coffin Franchise.

Filming must necessarily begin by 2013, in accordance with the agreements reached May 1but due to the slow pace of development, it was impossible, as one source explained:

There was a preset countdown and there was no way to save the movie in time. MGM has asked the rights holders for more time, but the patience is already running out.

An anonymous executive said he was “disappointed” by what happened:

MGM moved without the slightest pressure. They had a chance they missed… They were the ones who screwed everything up.

MGM, now owned by Amazon, signed an agreement in 2013 with GK Films, which in turn acquired the rights from Square Enix in 2011. Now the rights will be auctioned off and Netflix will be among the major buyers. Working on the animated series With Hayley Atwell and Warner Bros. Pictures (which is ironic given Mike De Luca and Pam Abdi’s arrival in the studio from MGM). It also looks like Amazon will have some interest in making an offer.

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Restart Tomb rider championship Alicia Vikander It was released in theaters in 2018 and grossed $275 million worldwide.

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