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Diesel and Gasoline prices change from August 2nd: Bonuses arrive but not for everyone

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Government cuts on diesel and petrol have been extended until August 2, a great shot in the arm for Italian motorists.

Gasoline Prices –

there newsletter That’s it Italian motorists They were waiting for her to arrive Government fuel cuts they were they expanded. a a little help to me the prices at this point out of controlFrom diesel And the Gas. The Government Like he said earlier, keep it up discountand for this This is a wonderful moment. there The war in Ukraine Resulting in Price at record levelsalso related to methane. this is fuel Also you will continue to have it rivalIt’s more clear a littleCompared to Other fuels.

State rewards continue

The ukraine bis decree Come they expandedwho allows 30 cents discount on diesel and petrolAnd the 10 cents on methane. The Government with NB issued resolutionspecifying that We are not out of this crisis. The discount About Suspend some production feeswhich at the moment can be set aside. The Government Follow specific wordeven if The price of fuel continues to risebut that’s another thing problem.

Government Palace
The government has given a serious response to this crisis –

The Parliament He did what he could in short periodwork to get back to it More normal numbers still elusive. there NB Try to give me too total price It proves more at the moment, Can not be done. there Possibility to continue it discount Come back to mevalue added tax. This is it Asset price with VAT rateSucceeds in Coverage of this excise feeand thus allows you Lower prices. It would be necessary to understand, eventax rate You will succeed in covering this taxes.

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There are categories that have an additional discount

The Bis Ukraine decreein Article 2tells us that there is a file Extra discountfor some categories. We are talking about Corporate Fuel Bonuswhich relates to these private and its employees. many comp use this discountespecially those they have passenger staffthey are forced to use the carto go to work. L ‘Maximum amount that can be spent from €200and he Don’t look at a person’s incomeso it applies to All.

Additional discount is given to companies –

That’s what we all wanted to hear from Governmentto contain this The situation is unbearable. now I’m costs I’m up 2 euros per liter for diesel and gasolineMind Methane is out of control. In some areas, it is remained identicalin other cases there is also in 3 euros per kilogram on average. we’ll see how will evolveAbsolutely all of us We are looking forward to lower prices. But even that is the case, those State discounts cherish.

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