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If You Have An Old PS1, You Might Be Filthy Rich: ‘Crazy’

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If you call yourself a A true PlayStation fanYou cannot fail to experience the thrill of playing the game at least once in your life Legendary PS1. This is the game console, manufactured by Sony Computer Entertainment, which Revolutionize the gaming world. Most of today’s gamers owe this passion to PlayStation, thanks to the amazing work the developers did at the time. But the question is how much does it cost PlayStation 1 in this time? Given inflation and the ever-rising costs of raw materials, let’s assume it would cost much more than the 1994 introductory price.

If you still own a PS1, you can make a fortune on it

If by chance, in your closet or attic, you still have an old one PS1 In excellent condition, you may want to know that sites like buyers, UK’s leading independent retailer, has researched current price and hypothetical price for some Famous devices from the pastincluding the PlayStation 1. Specifically, I believe a certain version of the console has been sold out for the beauty of Over $9,000. From the day it was launched until today, technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, yet some of the older products have been considered so far classic It can become really valuable legacy. Many of them today may seem like old useless things compared to the modern version, but in their time they were advanced technological objects And they deserved a nice nest egg.

One of these, specifically the PS1, that Sony has released under the guise of “Condolences to adultsTo rival the historical enemy Nintendo during the 1990s. In 1995, when it was released in the UK, it was pricey $299while today, taking into account inflation and everything else, it’s worth it $783much more than the PS5’s introductory price $499. As mentioned above, some collectors were willing to part with the matter Over $9,000 for the PlayStation 1 Ten Million version, which was created to commemorate the 10 million units sold worldwide. Of this rare copy, some have been produced 100 copies onlyThis is why it is so hard to find one.

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Anyway, today an old PlayStation can be found in many online electronic stores such as ebay With variable prices, all based on additional conditions and components. Prices are always maintained Between 40 and 60 euros If the console is fully functional and in perfect condition, while it can go up if equipped intact original box and all box accessories.

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