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Prices for schools, books and equipment have risen to 1,300 euros

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on the front of the The school The usual September sting associated with household purchases of books and school supplies is on the verge of collapse, an increase of +7% over the previous year.

To balance out the expensive energy that affects the entire education chain – and thus the costs of families. Spending on books rose to 1,300 euros, and the number rose to 588 euros. The Kodakunwhich provides, as in every year, official data on high school and the expenses that parents will have to incur at the start of the new school year.

School bag: stinging on bags, notes, notebooks

The Kodakun Conduct initial monitoring of the so-called “school kit” on retail price lists, both in physical stores and on specialized e-commerce sites.

For memos, pencil cases, backpacks, and various school supplies (notebooks, pencils, pencils, erasers, markers, etc.) On average by +7% Compared to last year, following the trend of inflation, which recorded a noticeable increase in our country.

Let’s see some prices:

  • One Brand backpack up to 200 euros;
  • a pencil case Designer equipped (with pens, pencils, erasers and markers) up to 60 EUR;
  • The Diary up i €30 For the best known brands.

Products – which according to the association are absolute More expensive – are the ones signed by influencers, youtubers, football teams and famous people who launched specific lines for school and they are Very well known among the younger ones.

Between the kit and books, you get 1,300 euros per student

Expenditures for “full school materials”: this year it can reach 588 euros per student, to which the cost of textbooks must be added, another element that will affect the wallets of Italian families in a salty way, variable by level of education and school, at a total cost – between groups and books – You easily risk up to 1,300 euros per student.

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School reasons for high prices

In the base of strong increases affecting schoolroom There are several factors:

  • Expensive energy, exacerbating the costs of producing school supplies, leading to an increase in retail price lists;
  • The crunch of raw materials, with prices for paper, plastics, textiles and adhesives – indispensable for making notebooks, notes, pens, backpacks, etc. – which experienced significant increases in the last year;
  • Higher transportation costs due to higher fuel prices.

School, how to memorize: useful tips

Significant savings can be made on school spending e Reduce costs by 40% Following are some helpful tips posted by Codacons:

  • Don’t chase fashion and influencers and avoid designer products
  • Don’t get swayed by advertising (and keep kids away from TV)
  • Evaluate the offers offered by supermarkets
  • Don’t buy the whole set right away (and put off non-urgent school expenses)
  • Wait for the masters’ instructions for the purchase of technical materials (compasses, dictionaries, etc.)
  • Take advantage of “fixed price” groups.

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