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Desperation from “Bone Breakers” is a film written and produced by Ficarra and Picone- Corriere TV

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Presented by Vincenzo Perrotta at the Authors’ Days at the Venice Film Festival

By Nino Luca / Corriere TV

A powerful movie “We were the first to admire his writing and producing and watching it again. It’s a story that stays with you. It tells you about one of the lowest points a human can touch. The definition of ugly, dirty, bad is the best that fits these characters, yet you remain connected to them.” This is explained by Salvatore Ficarra, co-writer and co-producer with Valentino Bacon, through their company, Tramp Limited (with Rai Cinema), of Spaccaossa, a sulfur tale of crime and despair, inspired by a true news story, with who debuted as film director Vincenzo Perrotta. He is an award-winning theater author and director, as well as an actor.

The film, which debuted at the Venice International Film Festival in the Venice Nights section of the authors’ days, will soon hit cinemas with Luce Cinecittà. In the cast, in addition to Perotta, there are, among others, Céline Karamaza, Nene Bruchetta, Giovanni Calcagno, Filippo Luna, Simona Malato, Luigi Lo Cassio and Rory Quattrocchi. At the center of the story is an impromptu and violent criminal organization in Palermitan that breaks the bones of consenting victims, from video player Machinetta (Lo Cascio), to the father of the Mimmo family (Luna), simulating accidents to collect massive insurance compensation. To recruit the “victims” is Vincenzo (Perotta, who defines his role as “a man without qualities”), as obedient to the gang as his mistress (Quattrocchi). Meeting with drug addict Luisa (Karamaza) may open a different path for him, but the guy ends up involving the girl in the “tour” as well.

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“We immediately said yes to the movie – adds Ficarra -. It was very formative, and we explored emotions that aren’t as familiar to us as Ficarra and Picone. It was a beautiful journey.” For the duo, it was also their first time as co-authors (with them and with Pirrotta as well). Ignazio Rosato) in a movie that didn’t have them: “It was a wonderful challenge, because Vincenzo is an extraordinary leader and showman who already has very beautiful and meaningful theatrical experiences in her arc. We’ve brought our building and framing expertise to this team. Valentino and I are constantly looking for new and different experiences and different ways of expressing.
Pirrotta decided to make his debut in cinema with such a difficult story, because it tells “a double misery: those who break, those who break, those who wear sarcasm, those who wear despair, those who agree to have broken bones.” For the victims “like going down to hell”. It’s a global outcry that “shows how often these people are left on their own. The events you find are similar all over the world, wherever there is an ocean of misery, from Buenos Aires to Paris.”

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