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Dead Poets Society and 35 Years of a Great Life Lesson

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The fleeting moment It arrived in 1989 as well Real bolt out of the blueNo one expected it to be such a success, and it remains so to this day One of the most beloved films of all timeAble to transcend the mere dimension of a teen movie. Robin Williams as Professor Keating for 35 years He never stopped talking to us about freedom, happiness and a certain vision of lifedue to the importance of education, which is understood as creating free individuals and not replaceable or replaceable Meccans.

The film symbol of a cinematic decade intended for young people

The fleeting moment It wasn’t just a fantasy moviePerhaps one of the secrets to its success in reality was the realism of the story in which it was rooted What happened to screenwriter Tom Shulmanwhen he was in Montgomery Bell Academy. Its events take place in 1959, The fleeting moment Her pregnancy was actually more complicated than expected, given her name Robin Williams He only came out after films by Liam Neeson, Mel Gibson, Tom Hanks and Dustin Hoffman. senior manager, Jeff CanioHe was not convinced that Williams was the right actor and decided to leave in his favour Peter Weir Production started. Despite numerous changes to the original text, SThe chemistry between Weir and Williams was great on set, with the director often leaving freedom to the comedian, who was often able to improvise at will. Williams in fact, created in his teacher John KeatingThe perfect representation of what we all want in a professor.

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Smart, funny, empathetic, sensitive and full of passion, Keating has been floating around for 35 years as a kind of uncomfortable barometer for real teachers in the real world. The film then takes place at a very special moment, in 1959, when young people are slowly (but gradually) beginning to break free from the pressures of life. Questioning the dictates of parents and institutions. We have not yet reached the level of open protest that would have shocked the world in the 1960s, but it was something silent waiting to emerge. And it’s Professor Keating, the new literature teacher, who blows it up. Keating wants to make sure his students start doing just that Look at their life as something different from the path already takena futile path to maturity built on wisdom and conformity, which, in the face of the unpredictability of existence, has no reason to exist.

56th Street Boys He is 40 years old but he doesn’t look like it

Francis Ford Coppola’s film was released on March 25, 1983. The film remains one of the most poignant and poignant coming-of-age stories ever told.

The fleeting moment He didn’t just have the great Robin Williamsbut also a new generation of actors, some of whom have proven to be among the best of their generation. Ethan Hawke, Robert Sean Leonard, Josh Charles, Jill Hansenwith Neil, Todd, Knox, and Charlie being the heart of a heteronormative class where it was impossible not to love. It’s certainly undeniable that Peter Weir’s filmography knew how to use clich├ęsIt is the educational institution that must be fought and defeated like the oppressive power system that dominated that decade. Which forces us to broaden our view to the 1980s, when teen movies were the hottest new thing on the market. from Breakfast Club To an epic Porkyfrom Bad boys to St. Elmo FireThere were many titles that made it Naughty pack A guaranteed source of success, e.g Adolescence is the center of a new cinematic cycle.

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It is associated with the triumph of youth popular culture of those yearsthis broad cinematic representation of the teenage world has often been embraced anyway Just a contrast to the adult world, With the care and freedom that belongs only to children. The fleeting moment Instead he made the whole thing jump in qualityTell us about carpe diem“, quoted by Horace Professor Keating becomes a symbol of the rejection of the mere contradiction between different stages of life. Age does not matter, what matters is the spirit, what matters is how you deal with life. This applies to those who have not yet reached the age of 17. As for Keating, it is necessary to know how to seize opportunities, to have boldness, and to face existence knowing that nothing is certain, nothing is predetermined, and nothing is impossible. Which makes this movie even more complicated Just as much a youth comedy or drama, as it is a story about how our personality is formed in those years, and how we decide who we will really be from then on.

The importance of giving young people the tools necessary to master life

The fleeting moment He shows us the college where its principal is Nolan (Norman Lloyd), is the perfect symbol of what we unfortunately often find in an educational institution: a petty dictator interested in creating clones who repeats by heart what is written in books. Instead, these children will learn about critical thinking through KeatingThey’ll start using their heads, and they’ll get creative A sect of extinct poetsa secret poetry group that Keating created himself at their age to ditch the ads Counterculture reflects the desire to move forward What their parents expect of them. In particular, the story will become increasingly central Neil, who dreams of becoming an actorUnlike the dictatorial father (Kurtwood Smith) who wants a safe path for himself, a path he may not have been able to choose.

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