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Davis advanced to the quarterfinals, beating Kazakhstan and Canada

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Kazakhstan – Canada 2-0

In the Madrid arena, Kazakhstan captured two singles painfully and won the draw for first place in Group B and advanced to the quarter-finals of the Davis Cup against one of the two best runner-ups.

After a bad game against Sweden, Canadian captain Donswick Tees has been replaced by 26-year-old Shnoor Despite the poor results of 2021 and the defeat with Elias Yemer, Shukin confirmed Kukushkin.

M. Kukushkin b. B. Shnoor 6-3 6-7 (5) 7-5

The match for Kukushkin had a major impact, while the Canadian immediately began to get complicated. In the fourth game, Shnoor faced the first break point. In retrospect, a cross more than happy for the Canadians sank into the net of Kazakhstan, giving Kazakhstan a 3-1 lead. Schnur immediately had the opportunity to put the opposite brake but a brilliant first player from Kazak canceled the break point. Kukushkin does not seem to be affected by the character of the opponent, with Shnur unarmed to worry the Kazakhs.

Kukushkin, In total control, put the power service to zero for the third time The first set was won with 86% of the points. 12 winners only 6 free for Kazakh, Negative balance for Canadian (3 winners and 14 free).

In the second set, Kukushkin started to take the distance from the easy turn, but Schnur did not perform well in taking advantage of Kazak’s fall. In the third game, a foot error to Schnur split the Canadian, who gave the opponent a break point through a double error. The Canadian was able to cancel it with a good backhand. The painful game continued for Shnor, who saved two more break points and took home the turn of the service without losing his clarity.

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Shnur has risen to the level, I respond with more consistency and increase his presence on the web. In the twelfth game Kukushkin has the opportunity to defend the challenge. Shnoor defended himself at the first break point, however The forward sinking of the net by the Canadian gave Kukushkin the opportunity to serve the match.

Kukushkin’s psychoanalysis begins from that moment. Two match points for Kazak, but he is rigid. He wasted the first game by a right out and then turned into a fertile ground for a very smooth second scout, who punished Kazak in the back of the net. Kukushkin got a third chance, but the forehand was long again. He equalized Shnoor’s backhand and with a backhand count he put the opposite break.

Kukushkin is confused. Shnoor lifted himself to 6-3 by winning three sets of balls. Kukushkin canceled two sets of balls, but in the third he slammed Forehand into the net just outside Schnur.

He is respected third. Kukushkin immediately downplayed himself 40-0. He canceled out three break points due to Schnurr’s service and poorly targeted attacks, but Kazak’s continued frustration and retreat in a poorly finished maneuver gave Canada an early break. The roller coaster continues in this game, with the Canadian player messing up the serve by giving the Kazakh three balls to the counter break. Shnoor did not allow the first game, but with a double mistake he gave the game to Kukushkin.

The Canadian player turned the game upside down and the Kazakhs did not allow him to make it in the first set. After exhausting surfaces and the first four games lasting nearly thirty minutes, the serving games run faster. Coming into the twelfth game with Shnur unable to bear the pressure, he gave the Kazakh team the lead two hours and 53 minutes later with two errors.

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A. Public b. V. Pospisil 6-2 7-6 (6)

A solid start for two players to serve. In the fifth game he got into trouble at Bosphorus. Pospisil made two very serious mistakes in the net, first a long volley and then a smash down the net and it was a break for Kazakhstan. Pospisil lost solidity and a double break ball came immediately to Bublik, thanks to a failed Demi-Wally by the Canadians. He defended himself by relying on the best first service at a speed of 201 km / h on the Bosphorus. When entering the exchange, Bublik is high. Pospisil sank right into the net and shortly after Bublik beat Kazakhstan 5-2 with a backhand pass.

A game with three aces, one of which was stamped with the second and second winner set. 6-2 Kazakhstan in twenty-six minutes. Finished with 89% of the first point for Bublik.

In the second set, Pospisil immediately gave up two break points. In support of the Canadians, with two passes, came the service of removing chestnuts from the fire. He gives the Canadian public two more chances to win at the break, but the Kazakh backhand betrays him. Send his survey first to Public, which gave Bosphorus the opportunity to resume the competition. The Straight Service Alliance saved Kazakh. The eighth game is a mixture of publicity and irresponsibility.

The law is packed with Pospisil. The foot slipped and gave Public two break points. The first was canceled on the web by a Canadian, the second by a powerful service. The Canadian player has raised the level of his service and set up a game full of difficulties. The balance continued until the tie-break. Bublik led a minibrake after Pospisil’s missed high volley. Kazak’s double mistake has reopened the controversy. He was elevated to 6-4 in the Bosphorus, but could not feel the two sets of balls. Kazakh’s first winner and a short ball from Public brought the tie-break back into balance. Completely losing the size of the field with a forehand in the podium, he delivered the first-match ball to Publik, who sealed the match in fifty-nine minutes.

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