Home entertainment An exceptional drama on Netflix: Inspired by the incredible story of the Mother of the Blues.

An exceptional drama on Netflix: Inspired by the incredible story of the Mother of the Blues.

An exceptional drama on Netflix: Inspired by the incredible story of the Mother of the Blues.

Discover the review and watch the trailer of the award-winning international biopic, drama and musical available on Netflix.

If you are looking for a biographical and drama film NetflixAward-winning, compelling, and widely appreciated by audiences and critics, there is one whose name may have been overlooked in Italy.

Titled “Ma Rainey's black bottom“, very American (specifically African American), from the story to the music and the setting. But that's also why it's full of charm that's hard to resist. It's directed by George C. Wolfe ((Like a hurricane“,”Rustin“), produced by Denzel Washington With houses Monday Lane Entertainment And Artists escapeand is available on Giant flow For those who missed it when it was released in 2020.

This film tells the true story of singer Ma Rainey, played excellently Viola Davis ((Doubt“,”Help“,”Barriers“), a role that received prestigious nominations, from the Academy Awards to the Golden Globe Awards to the Satellite Awards. Along with it is an exceptional cast that includes actors of caliber Chadwick Boseman, Glynn Turman And Coleman Domingo (The famous protagonist of the film The Other Wolf)Rustin“).

By searching the web, it is possible to analyze the approval rate. Take a vote GoogleWe see that it reaches 81%, while it decreases to 6.9 out of 10 IMDb To track an impressive 97% of positive reviews on Rotten tomatoes. Here is really full of enthusiastic comments ranging from “Best movie of the year“to adjectives like”amazing“or”surprising“.

The musical element of this film is highly appreciated, as it sees the singer and her performances at the center of the story in the captivating setting of 1920s Chicago. It is not a coincidence that some of the major awards won are related to the best makeup, hairstyle, and best costumes, all of which the production put a lot of effort into paying attention to every detail in order to transport the viewer to that distant world.

Excellent taste comes through Tractor On the official Netflix page at YoutubeThe energy, emotion and vitality come out to make for a film that is certainly entertaining and fun to follow, despite the dramatic veins of the story. A production that as a whole seems very theatrical, the result of the huge work done by the director in this sector, placing at the center the “big mother” who is able to take control of the situation in a society where everything still seems very difficult for women. And this is not just for African American women. A sort of “Deus ex Machina”, full of personality and charisma and always ready to fight.

there Plot It tells the story of the mother of the blues, Ma Rainey, who comes to Chicago from Georgia so she can record her own record for Paramount. This was the Great Migration of the late 1920s, a period during which many black men and women moved to the big cities of the North starting in the rural South.

There is hope in finding redemption and fulfilling one's dreams, after suffering past abuse. The truth of the facts would lead us to understand that although they were no longer slaves there, they would be looked upon with suspicion. Thus, even Rainey, who only wanted to make a record for economic reasons and vested interests, would find herself faced with petty attendance and tragic denouements.

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