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Weather report. Temperature recorded in Canada, 34 degrees Celsius in Quebec 3B Meteo

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Montreal (archive)
Montreal (archive)

Rise of warmer tropical currents in eastern United States reaches Canada, including states Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick. It is a warm language that includes the northern part of the United States and is only partially reduced in the Great Lakes. The hot currents feed on a vast anticyclone stationed along its peaks on the eastern border between Canada and the United States.Reached record temperatures in the first half of May.

Quebec recorded a high of 34 degrees Celsius on FridayAt La Tuque and La Baie, 32 ° C at Miramichi in New Brunswick, and 33 ° C at various locations in Wisconsin and Illinois with similar values ​​below the US border, 32 C in Chicago.

This is a paradoxical heat wave, however counting hours. From the west, in fact, a lower part is approaching, the cold wind blowing downwards from northwest Canada, which moves rapidly eastward, with A front full shower Reach the hottest areas currently by the weekend. This is expected between Ontario and Quebec Temperature drop above 10 செல் C in 48 hours, With the mercury column, returning to higher values ​​according to that period.

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