March 30, 2023

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Daniel Craig, Jennifer Lawrence, and the other stars who refused to modify their bodies for a movie

There are actors and actresses who made cinema history thanks to one quick-changing and memorable performance: they radically altered their bodies to better fit the part, the character, and the story. Daniel Day-Lewis, Christian Bale, Joaquin Phoenix, Anne Hathaway And many others gave everything for their specific role. But other classmates drew the line much earlier, sometimes refusing to make small changes to their bodies. For information, ask Daniel Craig, who when he was chosen to play the world’s most famous secret agent, turned down a production request, refusing the makeover they felt was necessary for James Bond. Other examples related to the weight of the star in question: Margot Robbie And Jennifer Lawrence They refused to lose anything for it Tarzan legend and epic hunger Gameswhile Robert Patterson And Bob Odenkirk To determine the structure of the body. In all cases, the rejection didn’t seem to spoil the movie, and in some cases it seemed to make it more “real.” In our gallery today, there you are Other stars who refused to modify their bodies for a movie.

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