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April Auction Calendar, is the first date to be circled

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March ended a few days ago, and investors are already worried about new BOT and BTP auctions. Here is the April calendar.

It begins on April 5 with the announcement of the auction of BOTs, Treasury bills.

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Then the next day, April 6, the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) will publish a press release with auctions of BTPs and medium-term securities. Due to the Easter holidays, the BOT auction will be held on April 12, 2023, while the medium/long-term securities auction will be held on April 13.

BOT and BTP auctions: the days to remember to invest your money

There will be no ‘private’ auctions in April, as happened in March with the BTP Italia offering (due March 2028). Then, the calendar follows the given order, ie:

  • bots.
  • BTP in the medium term;
  • BTP Short – BTP€i;
  • bots.
  • BTP in the medium term.

However, the details of the auctions along with the characteristics of the government bonds and the relative calendar of the subscription operations will be published via a press release issued by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Auction calendar for April 2023

Below is the detailed calendar with the exact dates when the Ministry of Finance and Economy will announce the issuance of government bonds for auction. Specifically, the publication of the Medium and Long-Term Auction Regulations on March 30, 2023, April will begin on April 3. Here are the other dates to note:

  • April 3: Organizing the auction
  • April 5th: BOT Connection;
  • April 6: mid-range communication;
  • April 12th BOT Auction;
  • April 13: Mid-Range Auction;
  • April 14th: BOT Settlement;
  • April 17: Medium term settlement.
  • April 18 – short-term contact BTP – BTP € i;
  • April 21st: Short-term BTP Auction;
  • April 21st: BOT Connection;
  • April 24: mid-range communication;
  • April 26th: BOT Auction;
  • April 26: BTP Short Term Settlement – BTP €i;
  • April 27: Mid-Range Auction;
  • April 28: BOT Settlement;
  • May 2: Medium term settlement.
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Considerations for April 2023 Auctions

After a very quiet first 15 days of April in terms of placement auctions for BOTs and BTPs, the second half of the month will be much more “roaring”.

Among other things, as can be seen from the calendar, the second two weeks of April are marked by successive placement auctions and overlapping dates.

Indeed, unusually on April 21 there will be two important dates: the call BOT auction and the short-term BTP auction.

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