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Mc Control Diavoli Vicenza smash Monleale by 12 goals

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Mc Control Diavoli Vicenza beat the Novi Ligure track and clearly beat Monleale with a score of 13-1 to continue the positive streak.

The two-sided match between the first and second half
The Devils run the match in the first half, but with difficulty they push and look through the goal, but they cannot open the score, except in the double numerical superiority after thirteen minutes with the striker. dolphin, thanks to the determination of the hosts who held up and defended well, even in the saves of the Rivera. But in the second half, after the momentary equalizer by Monleale who uses the power of playing with Pagani, demons rampant with real goleada who see heroes Sigmund NS dolphin, one goal, four assists for the American, five goals, and two goals for red and white No. 9. Also on the goal Nicola refrigerator NS Achieve with a gun from sassoAnd SigmundAnd of honey NS Claudio Tabanelli.

The field worker sweeps the demons VICENZA the first time
“The house worker didn’t help much and in the first half we had some difficulty – explained Claudio Tabanelli, the red and white striker – at the end of the match. But once we understood it, we played like we know how to do it and appeared in the second half. I saw the team still united even when I walked Things went badly, he was always positive and in the end it went well.”
Tabanelli also talks about his goal: “When you score, it’s always great, especially if it happens that when you stay away for a while, you go in and you score, there is personal satisfaction.”
Next week the championship and space for the Coppa Italia were interrupted by a match against Modena. “It’s the first game in the cup and certainly not to be underestimated, but we are determined as always and I don’t think there are any problems if we play like we know how to play.”

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Scoreboard – Sportleale Monleale – Mc Control Diavoli Vicenza, 1-13 (0-1)
: Rivoira, Grando, Oddone M., Crisci, Cortenova, Novelli, Arbasino, Rolandi, Alutto, Cantarutti, Brianzoni, Di Fabio, Pagani, Oddone R: and Zancanaro. everybody. belts a.
MC CONTROL DIAVOLI VICENZA: Frigo M., Olando, Cantele, Francon, Delfino, Tabanelli, Dell’Uomo, Sigmund, Centofante, Ustignani, Trevisan, Baldan, Frigo N., Dal Sasso. Shepherd Maran F.
the reviewer: Mancina and Favero

Networks: PT: 13.02 Delfino (V) pp;St: 21.07 Pagani (M) pp. , 25.28 Delfino (V), 25.50 Dal Sasso (V), 26.17 Delfino (V), 28.26 Delfino (V) pp, 31.33 Frigo N. (V) pp, 32.20 Sigmund, 33.11 Delfino V), 33.32 Baldan (V), 33.40 Ustignani (V), 38.10 Tabanelli (V), 38.55 Frigo N. (V), 39.56 Ustignani (V).

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