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Superbonus, how does the mechanism change (still)

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Even if there is a green light for the fourth credit assignment On the Superbonos And building bonuses until June 30, some banks decided not to proceed with these operations as in the case of Intesa Sanpaolo and Unicredit, which have already reached the maximum amount of tax credit usage. Orders exceeded 40 billion euros and with the changes introduced by the government “the flow has resumed”. But the banks have slowed down because there is no longer room for discounts.

How it works

In practice, the institute can only buy tax bonuses if its state tax debts allow it: the more bonuses it buys, the lower its debt, but if it is canceled, the deducted bonuses will become a loss. In this way, the Superbonus risks being left without weapons available. However, with the fourth allocation of credit to banks, they will be able to transfer the bonuses to customers who have financial space to deduct them from taxes. However, this mechanism does not convince both Palazzo Chigi and even Mef, who are very reluctant to the 4th pass system. as he explains ProphetThe first version of the approved regulation stipulated that banks should remain “jointly” on credit. If it turns out that the credit will not be due in the future, they should get it to pay their bill”.


This paragraph has been omitted but there are other obstacles that make the current mechanism too complicated to implement: first of all, it becomes impossible to split credit. If the bank imposes a loan of 10 million and splits it for 10 years, in order to sell it, it will have to pass it all over to the company that buys it. In this way, it was possible to avoid frauds that marked the first part of the construction rewards such as those amounting to 1.2 billion and made possible precisely by continuing steps Divide the credits earned. Now, however, this situation is a real obstacle because the second step makes it difficult to sell the fourth assignment of credit because the bank must first have completed the previous steps. “After the invoice is discounted, there must be two transactions in a “protected environment” between banks”, Expert explanation. Only later it can be sold to a third party. For this reason, the process is considered very cumbersome.

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This “decade” and much more will be discussed in the coming days immediately after the Easter holiday: the government seems well prepared and prepared to simplify this measure Edit The current decree and adoption of the agenda with all the news. Furthermore, in the upcoming ordinance, there will also be room to extend the Superbonus for Villas from June 30 to August 31 or September 30. Finally, there will also be a rule stating that 30% of the business will be finished.It is valid as a whole and not for each individual intervention“.

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