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Watches: Blancpain Underwater, 70 years of pioneering

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Unmissable news from the world of watches: Here is the Blancpain diver, 70 years of pioneering. All useful information.

with distinction diving watchSwiss brand Blancpain Celebrate, again, me 70 years old from its historical model fifty fathoms. Again, because the Swiss company has already celebrated this important anniversary with another watch, the 70th Anniversary Fifty Fathoms, which was presented at the beginning of the year, in January.

The Watches: Blancpain Underwater, 70 years of pioneering (Photo: @Blancpain/Facebook –

Just over a month later, it was the turn of this second ceremonial watch, The Fifty Fathoms 70th Anniversary Act 2 – Tech GombessaA true masterpiece in the diving watch industry, with exceptional performance and a captivating design.

Below, we discover all the details of this stunning new dive watch from Blancpain. Here’s everything you need to know.

Blancpain Underwater: 70 Years of Pioneering

New dive watch Fifty Fathoms of Gombesa Techwhich was presented last February, is the second of the 70th anniversary celebrations of 50 fathoms The world’s first modern diving watch, born in 1953. The new Blancpain is developed and created after many years of research and prototype study, in order to obtain a perfect watch for deep sea diving. The new watch was developed by Blancpain CEO Marc Hayek and maker of underwater documentaries Lauren Ballistawho personally tested the watch on several dives.

Fifty fathoms, 70th Anniversary, Chapter Two: Tech Gombessa (Photo: –

Just Hayek and Ballesta developed and patented an innovation that allowed the watch to be measured Dives of up to three hours. It is located at about a new complications it in Unidirectional rotating bezel You graduate from it on a 3 hour scale. The edge is connected to one own hand who performs a Full revolution of the disc in 3 hours Precise, neatly, and regulated by the winding crown. 3 hours is no accident but the traditional maximum duration for diving in very deep waters with a special Ventilator Closed circle.

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The bezel features a black ceramic insert and White Luminance Indexeswhich in the dark become green in colourlike lining to hand in which measures immersion time. while the Indicators, hour and minute hands I am from Orange color that becomes dark blueto distinguish time and dive time.

the The dial is black, for better readability in the dark, and has a special “absolute black” finish, which captures approximately 97% of available light. The watch is equipped with 13P8 caliber, was developed for the new complication. The case is made from grade 23 titanium, which is strong and lightweight. while the belt inside Black rubberWith internal titanium reinforcement to maintain its shape, and with an extension to hold the watch on a diving suit.

It is not a simple watch but a professional tool For experienced divers. To see other features:

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