October 4, 2023

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Czech Republic, Canada, USA and Finland qualify for semi-finals – OA Sport

Czech Republic, Canada, USA and Finland qualify for semi-finals – OA Sport

Quarter-finals ai The 2022 Ice Hockey World Cup made their verdict by giving us the names of the four teams that reached the semi-finals. Let’s go and see how it goes on the right track.

In the afternoon two challenges: the first in which the Czech Republic took a single bite from Germany, winning 4-1 At the end of a match he dominated thanks to the goals of Pasternak and Cervenka in the first half, and Craigsey and Smical, in the second and third time, the 1-3 Teutonic moment was punctuated by Seder.
And the second instead, Canada’s 4-3 overtime victory over Sweden. A game full of pathos between North Americans and Scandinavians. At first the Swedes go 3-0, with Kleinberg, Nylander and Freiberg: but since the middle of the second period things have changed. The Canadians reacted with a compliment, all in the third set: Greaves, Dubois and a minute later the 3-3 game with Barzal left. Sweden climbed onto the pitch and lost 4-3 in overtime as a result of Patterson’s goal.

In the evening, here are the other two competitions scheduled. The US team rushed to Switzerland 3-0. The Americans’ perfect defense and surgical attack scored with two goals from Myers and Judit in the first half and again by Myers (two goals for him) in the third round of play.
On the other hand, hosts Finland used some significant extra energy to get it right, in Slovakia’s 4-2 comeback. The guest brand: Sykora and Regenda started the match 0-2, but before the break it became 1-2 with the goal of Antilla. The Finns cling to the hope that it becomes more realistic to start the game.
2-2 up again with Anttila, then in the third round the overtaking and the final victory: Manninen 3-2 and finally, with a blank net, Maenalen for a 4-2 lead.

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Semi-finals scheduled for Saturday 28 May: Czech Republic, Canada, USA, Finland.

Photo: Carola Cimino