Avellino – Torres 1-0, Torres coach Bruno Canio comment: “During the match, Avellino created many opportunities to score, but today it is important for me to find the team that I lost since December. Today I saw the determination and the spirit that gives me hope. I don’t want to talk about the problems we’ve had in recent weeks, but we put everything into place.” Execution. For us there was a pro penalty, I think, and a minute before their goal we missed a goal a few meters from the goal. However, the performance remains, the result will be an important bonus. Fans in tow? I don’t deny that it was my It is a pleasure to play in such a stadium, with so many fans. Today we have recovered a few of the ingredients that make up the essence of football: the people in the stands”.

“3-5-1-1? We set up a team to play a certain way, according to a specific philosophy, but today I didn’t have the right guys to be able to play as I wanted. It was important to find the team. With Campobasso, in the recovery period we can go back to playing To chase the qualifiers. Thursday’s race will be a watershed for us.”.

“Qualifiers? Not being able to play in the qualifiers would be disrespectful and I think it would be a shame not to get there because of what we did, but we still have to fight in these remaining races”.