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Riccardo Scamarcio, movie star with an open heart: “An urgent necessity…”

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Riccardo Scamarcio and the candid confession that leaves fans speechless: Here’s what he said, story details

Icy eyes and unmistakable beauty, he won the hearts of millions of fans for his tremendous talent and professionalism at the actor level: let’s talk about him, Ricardo Scamarcio. In addition to being known as an actor in many successful films, he is also a film producer. He lived in the city of Andrea in Puglia until the age of eighteen and then moved to Rome. Today, the movie star left everyone speechless due to an incredible confession.

Curiosities about Riccardo Scamarcio (web image)

At first, as soon as he was transferred to Rome, he studied without a diploma at the famous Experimental Center for Cinematography, until 2001, when he was cast in the miniseries love your enemy 2 And the TV series classmates.

Success comes with the movie try to fly It was filmed in 2003 but was shown in theaters only in 2007. Thanks to the popularity of this movie, the man in the famous movie was chosen based on a book Federico Moccia, three meters above the sky, followed by I want you. Due to the popularity of the aforementioned films, the man is cast in a star cast including Texas and criminal novel.

Not everyone knows, but Riccardo Scamarcio besides his passion for film sets, He especially loves music so much that, as a child, he tried to perform in Andrisi with some friends. During the lockdown, he mastered this technique so much that he admitted in an interview: “In the past year and a half, I’ve carried this passion in a limited way within the walls of the house since everything was closed, even music paid the price for this forced hiatus. At home, I was able to “get rid of strength” with this hobby, which I acquired with great pleasure since my youth ”

Riccardo Scamarcio made a frank confession that left the actor’s audience speechless.

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Ricardo Scamarcio’s confession

Ricardo Scamarcio is serious
Statement by Riccardo Scamarcio (web image)

Not everyone knows this, but actor Riccardo Scamarcio, a veteran of cinematic successes, will be the hero of the film directed by Michele Placido entitled “L’Ombra di Caravaggio” which will be shown in cinemas on November 3, 2022.

In an interview published by Riccardo Scamarcio, he clarified the common points with Caravaggio, revealing: Caravaggio and I have two things in common: we are regional and driven by a real passion, which is for art and I for cinema. When Michele Placido told me about the movie, he had energy in his eyes, a fever, an urgent condition that moved me. I thought this character was like Elvis Presley, and my reference was him.”

Then he added:I was reminded of a provincial boy with great talent and a great deal of rigor in drawing. At that time, painting was the most suitable solution for show business. The Paintings were very powerful tools, because they speak to people’s subconscious.”

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