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ISU Challenger Series Calendar 2023-2024. Confirmed Lombardia Trophy – OA game

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With one event remaining at the end of the 2022-2023 figure skating season, the International Skating Union these days Filing the final details to better prepare for the next sporting year. In fact, on Monday, March 27, the International Federation released the official calendar ISU Challenger SeriesA popular second tier circuit.

It will be planned in ten phases, eight of which are in Europe, one in Canada and one in Central Asia. By tradition, we’ll start with Italy, specifically Lombardia Trophy, staged in Bergamo from September 8 to 10. Instead we go to Canada next week (September 14-16), one to be exact PierrefondsThen move on Obersdorf (Germany, September 20-23) e Bratislava (Slovakia, September 28-30).

Two events will be held in October: race espoo (Finland, 13-15 October) and that Budapest (Hungary, 13-15 October). However, in November, there will be room for three reviews, which is one Almaty (Kazakhstan, November 2-5) Pasture (Austria, November 7-12) e Warsaw (Poland, November 15-19). So it closes in December in Croatia, a Sisak.

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The first three positions, along with espoo and sisak, are also valid for art pairs. The full calendar is below.

ISU Challenger Series 2023-2024: Calendar

September 8-10, 2023 Bergamo, Italy (including pairs skating)
September 14-16, 2023 Pierrefonds, Quebec, CAN (including pairs skating)
September 20-23, 2023 Oberstdorf, GER (including pair skating)
September 28-30, 2023 Bratislava, SVK
October 4-8, 2023 Espoo, FIN (including pairs skating)
October 13-15, 2023 Budapest, HUN
November 2-5, 2023 Almaty, KAZ
November 7-12, 2023 Graz, AU
November 15-19, 2023 Warsaw, Poland
December 6-9, 2023 Sisak, CRO (including pair skating)

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