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Criminal rooms, open day space also in Catanzaro

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union Italian Criminal Chambers Ready for the much awaited National Open Day event, at the Palacongressi di Rimini, on June 10 and 11. A high moment of meeting and study which for years represented an important stage for Italian criminal lawyers, in this version I felt more in conjunction with the referendum of justice, very dear to the UCPI Council, chaired by lawyer Giandomenico Caiazza.

Moreover, these days, its fortieth anniversary is celebrated, so that a large part of Rimini’s appointment is dedicated to the eminent personalities who contributed to the birth of the Society and its remarkable success, narrated by brilliant lectures. Amplifiers.

for this occasion, Also Catanzaro and Calabria It will have a wide area and luster. Certainly the President of the Criminal Chamber of Catanzaro and the Coordinator of Calabria, F. Valerio Morgano and all members of the Board of Directors. Among the organizers, the national representative of the Youth Observatory, Avv. Ottavio Porto, the burden and honor of opening sessions in front of some 700 colleagues, as well as the presentation of a short play with a Greek philosophical theme. It will conclude the first day in an original way. Another pride of the All-catanzaro style will be represented by the installation on stage of a work by the artist Giuseppe Barillaro, who – after the conclusion of the solo show in the huge San Giovanni complex in significant numbers, resumes its patriotic activity with renewed enthusiasm.

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