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Space sculptures, 84 meteorites up for auction

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Space sculptures, 84 meteorites up for auction

From antiques and moderns, to contemporary luxury items to sneakers, pieces from the space are also now up for auction. Meteorites are up for auction as works of art: stone carvings polka dotted in multiple colors. Very beautiful things. Prices start at a thousand pounds (1,186, approx) and go up to the most expensive, 250,000 pounds (just under 297,000 euros), the value of the rock called Santa Philomena.

At Christie’s London, online sale of meteorites from the Michael Farmer Collection is ongoing until April 6. The American man, the son of a cattle farmer, has spent the last thirty years of his life searching for these rocks from space that could be billions of years old. He brought them together by traveling on all continents.

The craving for these relics, which fell to the ground, of tiny stars touching the Earth’s atmosphere, began when he was the child of a farmer who cultivated them all his life, as we read on the Christie’s website that offers this amazing unusual auction certified rocks divided into 84 pieces. The presentation of the pieces is also accompanied by articles telling about Farmer’s research, illustrating his collection and an article by Alan Rubin, a UCLA cosmologist, who explains what these extremely rare extraterrestrial rocks are. The collection also includes fragments of the “moon,” said Farmer, who wanted to taste them: “How does it happen?” ‘Only in this way can I say that I have tasted the moon,’ he jokes.

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