September 30, 2023

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Official: Prato, seat entrusted to Brando. Vice-Science at Feralpisalò in C

Official: Prato, seat entrusted to Brando.  Vice-Science at Feralpisalò in C


After the acquittal of Mr. Giancarlo FavarinAnd the Prato appointed new coach: the bench entrusted to Lucio Brando, Giuseppe Sinza’s deputy at Veralbesalò.
Here is the press release:

“AC Prato Club is pleased to announce that it has been assigned the role of first team coach to Mr. Lucio Brando.
Born in Biella on December 11, 1971, during his twenty-year career, he led Fiorenzuola (season 2018/2019), Mantova (season 2019/2020), Legnano (season 2020/2021), Pianese (season 2021/2022) and Dolomiti Pelonese. (Season 2022/2023 until September 30), in Serie A joined – as assistant coach – Mr. Giuseppe Sinza at Feralbe Salo.
Mr. Brando won two Championships of Excellence on the benches of Juventus Domo and Virtus Verbania and two in promotion, headed by Dufour Faralo and Virtus Cosio.

The new coach will already lead practice this afternoon which the team will support behind closed doors at V. Russian” from Santa Lucia.
The press conference for the official presentation will take place tomorrow at 17:00 in the press room of the Lungobisenzio Stadium: journalists and photographers will therefore be able to meet the new technician here and carry out related services in support of their publications.
The club welcomes Mr Brando, a well-trained and professional coach with a lot of experience and wishes you a good job.”

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