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Two heroes of bomb history return to Salerno

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marking Italian Football FestivalToday, they return to Salerno (in San Michele ComplexLocated in Via Bastioni) Two heroes of the last bomb’s past, two men who made the history of our beloved.Bersaglira: The first was Walter’s ex-DS bomb Sabatinione of the protagonists of the miraculous redemption of last season acquired on May 22, having led the transfer market in January after the arrival of the president to Salerno Ervolino. Sabatini will receive the award as Sports Director of the Year 2021-2022 At 17:00.

After 30 minutes, another protagonist of the last grenade will be on stage, showing a book dedicated to him: we are talking about Fabrizio beaversSalernitana coach in the 2020-2021 season Return to Serie A after 23 years of absence. The technician from Tolentino, who was initially supposed to speak at 3.30 pm in the council chamber of the municipality of Vietri sul Mare, will speak at the presentation of the book “The story of Mister PromotionsPosted by Massimo Boccucci Al San Michele Complex at 17:30; Obviously, the book was dedicated to him, who, together with the grenade club, received the tenth promotion in his career. Castori is the coach with the most appearances in Serie B, and he is also the only Italian coach to have climbed all the FIFA Championships, winning all of them except for the second category, starting from the third category up to the Italian League.

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